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    Default What do your favourite TV stars do before hitting the bed

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    After the end of the grueling shooting schedule your favourite TV stars may have an hour or two in hand to do what they feel like before hitting the bed.

    We asked a few of them of their nightly routine from post- pack up to dozing off.

    This is what they said.

    Pooja Gor
    As soon as I reach home, the first thing I do is to switch on the TV, have dinner, surf the internet, watch Grey’s Anatomy on DVD and read five to six chapters of any book kept on my bedside. I am currently reading Dongri to Dubai and finally go off to sleep.

    Reshmi Ghosh
    Immediately after pack up, I take utmost care of my skin. I use all my personal care products to remove my makeup which takes at least 30 minutes. The rest of the schedule depends when ‘pack up’ is called.

    Shaleen Bhanot
    Daljeet and I don’t like going out all that much. So, I come home and spend time with my wife. We usually watch our favourite TV show Burn Notice and chill.

    Mauli Dave
    I take a hot shower and watch an episode of my favourite show Criminal Minds on my laptop and then I doze off to sleep.

    Priyal Gor
    I get into a lot of partying with family and friends.
    Sumit Vats
    Either I read something or watch a film. Obviously, I have dinner as well.

    Gulki Joshi
    Till the 31st of March, all I did was sleep, eat and party. I would meet all my old friends, loiter on the streets and just have fun. Since 1 April, I am getting back to a routine - I work out, read and watch films.

    Krip Suri
    Mostly I read while sometimes I watch a film.

    Mahima Makwana
    Usually after my pack up, I am completely exhausted. I remove my makeup on the sets itself. Soon after I return home, I have dinner while watching TV. I drink a glass of milk or juice. Sometimes, I read and then go to bed.

    Sudhanshu Pandey
    After shooting and before going to bed, I work out at the gym. Then I have dinner and watch something nice on TV, before I go off to sleep.



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