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    Default Your favorite telly actors 'enjoy' their Freedom of Speech...

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    It’s the day when our country got Independence from British rule!! A day to celebrate our freedom – freedom of speech, freedom to express and voice…
    Given a chance, what is it that the actors of the television industry will want to change when it comes to the present scenario in the industry.
    Well folks, we give you the ‘freedom’ to express your thoughts. So get going!!

    Firstly, Karan Tacker took the onus upon himself to start the proceedings, “Our daily soaps air from Monday to Friday, and as actors working in it, we too need to be getting our weekly offs. If not on Saturday, it is important that actors get to have some family time at least on Sunday. Also, if the format of working in the industry gets more disciplined, I guess we could have lesser working hours and that would make us feel easy. Above all, TV today should focus on progressive stuff rather than showing the regressive stories that date back in age. There should be something for the male audience to watch; and I will be frank to tell you that when I go home and look for some TV viewing, there is nothing that I can watch on TV.’

    We then moved to Raqesh Vashisth who also gave his frank opinion about the change he would want, “Firstly I call for a change in the TRP system; it has to get transparent now. I want to tell people to start watching more of the intellectual shows. I want to tell all the big shots of Bollywood not to look down upon TV as TV is a bigger medium today when compared to films.’

    Sanjeeda Sheikh called for, “better scripts. Having said this, I have had an amazing time with the producers I have worked with and I am fine with the long working hours in the industry. However, for actors who toil for more than 12 hours, there needs to be a change. On a funny note, I would want producers to repeat actors (and this I am saying for my own good).’

    Iqbal Khan wants “the audience to change. Agreed, that there is a universal emotional appeal, but viewers need to appreciate the intellectual stuff too.”

    Shilpa Anand wants the following change, “I want actors to have less of working hours. And we need to get the scripts before hand as the last minute stuff always creates anxiety. Also, viewers need to accept the experimental shows.”

    Lastly, Juhi Parmar felt that, “We have many experienced creative writers in the industry who can give us interesting tracks other than leaps. And I do not like the fact that young actors are forced in to playing parents because of the leaps. I do not see much of TV, so cannot add more.”



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