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    Default Ekta Kapoor to never ever work with Harshad Chopda and Additi Gupta

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    Fans are loved by both actors and producers and vice-versa. They stay glued to the TV set watching their shows, live the lives of the characters, weep when the characters cry, sigh when the characters are separated, get mad when they are hurt, send their beloved actors expensive gifts - you could go on and on. They generate the TRPs which bring in the moolah for broadcasters and TV producers.

    While the fan-love and adulation gives actors a high and keeps actors, shows, producers and broadcasters going, it can after a point become unbearable. It can then turn around and work against the actors the fans are going ga-ga about.

    Check out television queen Ekta Kapoor's reaction to the fan-ulation for Harshad Chopda and Additi Gupta. Fans have been going crazy demanding that their beloved couple be brought on air again. And they have been resorting to every trick in the book, sending multiple emails, tweeting to their personal accounts, apart from commenting on everyone's Facebook accounts trying to get that message across. And this has clearly irked Ekta - so much that she has finally decided to never cast them in any of her shows.

    In fact, on Wednesday, she put up a status on her Facebook page that read like this … "dear harshad aditi fans, I dnt knw if u guys wl get this msg but it’s imperative I somehow reach u guys! It’s been 5 years u guys hv hounded me ! spamin my inbox my phone n twitter...just because of this I pROMISE NEVER to cast these 2 ACTORS! forgeT casting them togethEr!THANKU!"(sic)

    She also went on to add … " I had uday sir frm star ceo asia cal me to tel thm to stp houndin him! I was like iif I knew I'd kill them (sic)… This was in reference to messages and mails being sent to Star Network CEO Uday Shankar."

    Colors’ Fiction Programming Head Prashant Bhatt too went ahead to comment on Ekta’s status, …. "They hv been hounding me as well !!! Bunch of loosers !! Dont they hv a life ?!" (sic)

    Well, the Additi-Harshad fans have not just been troubling these people, but they have also been spamming Founder, CEO, Anil Wanvari. In fact, he too went on to comment on Ekta’s status that read … "Ekta, I get close to 100 emails a day asking me to cast them too. And my twitter account is choked with their mssgs. Can i hand those guys over to you and the team so you can exterminate them. U seem to be in a furious mood"(sic).

    Well, looks like these fans have irked quite a few biggies and have done some damage to their favourites Additi and Harshad, as they will never get to work with Balaji again.

    When we contacted Additi, she said, “Don’t ask me about it; talk to Ekta or the fans.”

    Harshad however remained unavailable for comment.



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