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    Default Devrraj Singh Arora’s ‘Five Paradigms’ keep him going..

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    For Devrraj Singh Arora, life revolves around five major quotients – Parents, Acting, Love, Food and Pets..

    In his conversation with us, Devrraj who was last seenin Yeh Ishq Haaye explains about his five paradigms..

    “My parents are my God. I don’t believe in idol worship, neither do I have faith in any form of preachings or whatsoever. Instead I seek my parents’ blessings and without their moral and financial support I would not have been what I am now”, states Devrraj.

    Next in the list comes acting for him. “Acting is my passion. Ever since I was an adolescent, I had this habit of talking to myself in front of the mirror. I love facing the camera and acting is what makes me. Actors like us have to face the lean period where we do not have work on hand. However, I keep myself engaged by watching good movies. In the past one year, I have watched almost 1000 films and I have a collection of 3000 DVDs. When I am not acting, I feel very restless, so movies do the conditioning of my mind and keeps me calm”.

    Devrraj then confides in us that he is in love. “Wouldn’t you love to be loved or as a matter of fact love somebody? Love is the only ecstatic feeling on the planet which has vast definitions and examples. Yes, I am in love with somebody, and she is very special to me. Love keeps me going all the time, and I need my better half’s love to do the right things in life”.

    Then comes ‘Food’ in my list. “I come from a Sardar family where food matters the most. Pure Punjabi Khana with desi ghee and lots of sweets can make me happy. My mum could have been the Masterchef, had she applied to take part in the show (smiles). I have tasted all kinds of food and love to cook too. Cooking is like a stress buster for me”.

    He goes on, “I plan to diversify my energies into the opening of a Restrobar soon in Mumbai and Kolkata because I think foods need to be refined in some way or the other. And I have some extravagant ideas for that”.

    The fifth and final priority in my life is my passion for pets. “Pets make me happy, make me cry, make me rejoice, make me sulk. I have two pets, Myson and Mylove. Myson is a 3 year old Labrador, and Mylove is a 2 year old female beagle. They are my kids, my most valuable assets in my life. Away from my family, they give me the love and affection I craved for, especially when I used to come back home after a hard day’s work. They are so adorable and keep me entertained all day with their notorious nature”.

    Devrraj, we appreciate your thoughts and wish you all the very best..



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