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    Default My dad handles all my expenses - Shaheer Sheikh

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    Hot and brawny Shaheer Sheikh, who people lovingly know as Anant from his last show Navya, was also last seen in Star Plusí Teri Meri Love Stories. He is someone who doesnít believe in savings. He likes to explore and enjoy his life.

    In a candid chat with us, he shares her investment ideas.

    How important is money to you?

    Money is not that important for me. There should be just some enough money for my family and my survival.

    Are you an impulsive buyer?

    Yes, very much. I donít think before buying.

    What are the investments you have made?

    I donít believe in saving money. So my dad handles all my finance and he only invests.

    What has been your most expensive purchase till date?

    My car.

    Are you financially secure?

    I donít want to think about all this now. I believe in spending money and have a good life. At this age I want to explore myself. I want to do everything possible rather than regretting later.

    Who handles your expenses?

    My dad handles all my expenses. In fact my insurance and fixed deposit also, he only takes care of it. Because he knows the fact that I canít save money.

    What was your first salary like?

    Rs 750 per day. I still remember it was during my college days and there was an event happening in Planet M where I worked for around five days.

    How much money do you carry every day?

    Around 6 to 7k. I donít like going to ATM and swipe cash every time.

    Any advice for wannabe investors?

    Well I am a very wrong person to ask about that. I have no knowledge about it.



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