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    Default Chocolates are my weakness: Kinshuk Mahajan

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    Kinshuk Mahajan, best known for his character as Pintoo Singh of Afsar Bitiya on Zee TV, loves chocolates. He is one fitness freak who loves eating healthy food.

    Personal fitness mantra: I believe in eating healthy food coupled with a proper workout session.

    Personal diet mantra: I prefer in eating more of protein oriented food.

    Exercise routine: Regular gym of two and a half hour.

    Is food the elixir of life? Yes, it is very important because even if you donít prefer exercising, having healthy food will keep you fit.

    Are you a foodie? Yes, I am.

    Are you a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian? I am a hardcore
    non-vegetarian and I hate vegetarian food.

    Favourite cuisine: Fish and Chicken.

    Favourite dish: Tandoori Chicken.

    Favourite restaurant: None in particular.

    A must on my breakfast table: Eggs and oats.

    Sugar or sugar-free tea/coffee: I love sugar.

    Lunch generally consists of: Anything in non-vegetarian.

    Dinner generally consists of: I prefer having very light dinner.

    Dessert delights: Chocolates, they are my weakness.

    One thing I can't resist: Chocolate.

    My favourite drink (non-alcoholic): A simple orange juice.

    My favourite drink (alcoholic): Whisky.

    At parties I have: Depends on what the host has to offer me.

    Most unusual dish I've tasted: I recently went to South Africa and
    there I tasted steak which was tasty.

    Experiment with food: No, I eat only what I like.

    On the streets, I love to have: Kebabs and Pav Bhaji.

    Do you cook? No, I donít know how to cook.

    Fitness tip: Enjoy your life and donít do anything without having
    complete knowledge of it. Have more fruits and vegetables. Fitness comes from oneís kitchen. And you must exercise.



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