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    Default When Chocolates made our celebs happy!

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    Celebs sharing the chocolatey moment of their life when a chocolate added happiness to their lives…

    The week of love brings along with itself beautiful moments filled with flowers, happiness and much more. 9th February is a day where you can add an ounce of happiness with just a chocolate. Yes, today is Chocolate Day! We all have had one day in our lives when a chocolate has added a happiness quotient to our lives.

    We tried to find out the one moment of the lives of our celebrities when a chocolate has added a happiness quotient to their lives. Let's see what our celebs have to share with us…

    Devoleena Bhattacharjee: I love chocolates. Whenever I feel low, I eat them. It is like an energy booster for me. It always adds happiness every day. Today I asked my director sir to get chocolates for the whole unit and this is how we are celebrating chocolate day today.

    Shaleen Malhotra: When I was struggling all alone in Mumbai and could not go back home I used to be depressed as things were not working out and Raksha Bandhan was around the corner. When I got back home, I saw there was a Rakhi and a card along with a box of chocolates. What those chocolates did to me then, is can't be expressed in words now.

    Akshay Dogra: My wife loves Diary Milk chocolates and there are times when she doesn't expect anything, not even a toffee on a routine day, I leave a dairy milk on her side of the bed. The expression on her face is always priceless. It brings me immense happiness to see her eyes brighten up and smile.

    Sheetal Dabholkar: One day when I was in 2nd standard, I was crying and my class teacher gave me a chocolate. Since then I always used to cry purposely in front of her and she used to give me chocolates every day.

    Gaurav Khanna: I think a chocolate can add a happiness quotient any and every day of my life. I just love them. My favorites are Snickers, Twix and Dairy Milk. I wish everyday is a chocolate day and they say 'Meethe mein kya hai'.

    Pooja Sharma: It was my best friend's birthday and the entire Mumbai was shut on that day. We were not getting cake anywhere but I had to make her day special. I got an idea and went to the medical store as that was the only place opened in Mumbai and I asked for big chocolates. I got them and beautifully decorated in a tray and presented in front of her. The smile which I saw on her face was priceless. We cut the chocolate as her birthday cake and made her day special.

    Siddharth Arora: The real happiness that chocolates have given me is not when I have eaten them but when I have gifted them to my friends especially girls. The doorway to a girl's heart is through chocolates. If you want to enter that door, chocolate is the key.



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