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    Default My childhood memories of Holi...

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    Television stars go back in time and share their priceless childhood memories of playing the festival of colours, Holi...

    The festival of colours 'Holi' is round the corner. Telly stars are extremely thrilled to celebrate the festival and indulge in a lot fun.

    Each one of us have memorable childhood memories of playing Holi. We spoke to a few TV celebs to know about their fondest childhood memories about this festival. Let's hear from themů

    Nia Sharma: As a child, I would wake up at 5 o'clock in the morning and start filling all the balloons with water and keep them in a bucket. Everybody from our society used to gather on the terrace by around 9 or10 o'clock. We all used to throw balloons on people's head and shout Happy Holi. We would play loud music on the roof and get drenched in water. Now-a-days nobody uses water. We all prefer playing with gulaal. Back in time, we had lot of fun filled holis. They were surely the best days of my life.

    Kinshuk Mahajan: I along with my cousins, used to gather at my nana's place to play holi. We used to have sweets and play holi with colours which didn't really go away smoothly. We would throw balloons on people from the balcony. It was a lot of fun.

    Simran Kaur: I used to play holi and have a lot of fun. For us in the building it was always 'Girls vs. Boys' which would be a lot of fun. I have never thrown balloons on anyone because I was not able to tie them after filling water in it.

    Kratika Sengar: I was scared of colors so I used to lock myself in my room. My brothers always try out all the possible ways to get me out of the room and put a lot of color on me which would actually make me cry. In fact I still do not play holi.

    Neil Bhatt: We used to play holi in our buildings and common terrace. We used to block all the drains and create sort of a flood and play the typical slide-in-the-water game. We used to mix colors in the water. Its a very fond memory and I wish those days came back in my life.



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