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    Default With Chandragupta Maurya not coming back on TV anytime soon, Manish Wadhwa

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    Imagine TV that went off-air on 12 April 2012 was appreciated for its flagship show Chandragupta Maurya (CGM) that starred Ashish Sharma and Manish Wadhwa. It was later said that the show would make a comeback on Sony Entertainment Television but that hasn’t happened till date because of various reasons.

    Turner International that is supposed to have the rights of the show was to give an NOC (No Objection Certificate) only after which Sony would have started working on the same. But, something hasn’t gone right following which the project is still stuck midway.

    A lot of actors who belonged to CMG did wait for the show to come back but later took up other shows. However, there was one man among them who waited for the longest period of time and that’s none other than Manish Wadhwa aka Chanakya. But, the wait is over for him too as the actor has started looking out for new shows now.

    Observes Manish, “Yes, I have started looking at other projects but this does not mean I wouldn’t do CMG if it comes back. It’s just that, with one show in hand, I will be doing double shift but I’d do it for CGM.”

    Remind him that he is been the only actor to wait for this long and does he feel that he has wasted his time, he replies, “Not at all, this has been an investment. I got enough time to holiday and most importantly nobody asked me to wait. And since this was my call, there aren’t any regrets.”

    So does the actor hold anyone responsible for the show getting delayed, “I do not know what went wrong and on whose end it went wrong. Was it Turner or Sony TV? So I cannot hold anybody responsible for it.”

    We’ve heard that the show’s fans are still trying hard to get the show back? “Yes, they are, in fact they even went ahead and met Rahul Gandhi.” So does all of this go in vain? “Nothing goes in vain. The world is standing on hope hence I am confident that something or the other will soon happen.”

    Well…our best wishes are with you, Manish, and the fans of Chandragupta Maurya…



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