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    Default Celebs on Women's day!

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    We in talks with telly celebs on Women's day tomorrow..

    You can do the Impossible,
    You can swim the deepest ocean and climb the highest peak,
    You will face problems like a wind mere,

    You are always willing to help the needy,
    You are Strong, Beautiful and Compassionate,
    You are a Fighter,
    You are a WOMEN the Guiding and the Shining Star.

    -Krishma Solanki

    You must have guessed from the above lines that we are talking about women and celebrating the day dedicated to her. International Women's Day is celebrated on 8th March as a respect and appreciation for women across the globe. We got in touch with a few actors of the television industry to find out about the lucky woman whom they will do something special for on Women's Day and why according to them should this day be celebrated.

    Let us have a look at what they said...

    Gurmeet Choudhary: Today whatever I am is all because of my Mom who has always supported me. Even my wife Debina has always been supportive and has lent her helping hand to me. I will celebrate this day and I would like to tell everyone to celebrate it too. Try to make your friends, sisters, colleagues happy. Even a smile on their face tomorrow will be a great deed.

    Ashish Sharma: As I have just got married, I would like to make my wife feel a little extra special than the usual days. She completes me and my life in every way. We should actually carry this spirit of making women feel special every day. Wish every woman a very Happy Women's Day.

    Hiten Tejwani: Everyday should be a women's day for the sacrifice and the way they are there for you always. It is God's blessing on us that he knows he cannot be with us always so he gave us a mother, sisters, wife, daughter to be there with. On this very special day I will make my mother and wife feel very special.

    Ashish Kaul: The woman I love would make me feel special always only by receiving all my love for her. Women are creators and only they can guide the world since only they have the power to create a new living being.

    Jd Majethia: I will make every girl I meet tomorrow feel very special, starting from my wife, daughters, staff to any and every girl I interact with. The day should be celebrated because in India women aren't getting what they truly deserve. We live in a metro city so we might feel that women are treated well but in villages it is not so. Taking into consideration the celebration of this day we can awaken the entire nation.

    Angad Hasija: I will make my wife Pari and daughter Angel feel special. My life revolves around them. I will take them out for shopping and a nice dinner. Women's day is a state of mind but actually every day is Women's day if you love the women in your life.

    Kunwar Amarjeet Singh: I would like to make my mother feel special as she is the most important person in my life. Whatever I am right now it is because of her, she has made me stand strong. Women are a very integral part of our society and human life. They do so much for their kids, family, husband without asking anything in return. They need to be made feel special everyday.

    Karan Mehra: According to me this day is very special. In my life my mom has played a pivotal role in bringing me up, teaching me morals and values and making me what I am today. After her it is my wife Nisha, my life revolves around her. Both of them are a very important part of my life. All the women in the world should be treated specially everyday. Hats off to all them in the world. Happy Women's Day.

    A very Happy Women's Day in advance to all our members !



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