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    Default Celebs on Traffic in Mumbai.

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    We in talks with celebs on the traffic in Mumbai....

    Traffic in Mumbai has always been in talks. People have to shed their time, energy when stuck in traffic. When we talk of Mumbai's traffic it is just something which cant be spoken much about, because everyone knows what they face due to it. The Government itself has given up on it, that they see no way to improve ways to lessen the traffic on the roads. So on this massive topic we got in touch with the telly celebs, on what they have to say on the Mumbai

    Giaa Manek: It's a pain.

    Krystle Dsouza: Mumbai Traffic is really close to my heart, I spend most of my time in it(laughs). But it is seriously a bad scenario and the beautiful rains just help in making it worst.'

    Pooja Gor: Mumbai Traffic is worst, and I mean it. It is painful and stressful and till the time you reach from A to B you are already exhausted.

    Yashashri Masurkar: I hate Mumbai traffic and especially when it rains. People get badly stucked in the traffic which affects their work too. Wherein the traffic police also stands helpless, where they have to clear the traffic they tend to create more at times.

    J.D. Mathejia: U can always blame it on 'Mumbai Traffic' whenever you are late and people will believe you, as the whole city is usually giving the same reason too, which most of the times is very right. Traffic has earned it a not so lively title 'Late Mumbai'….RIP vehicles.

    Hiten Tejwani: What do we say about the Mumbai traffic…it really sucks, not because we have too many vehicles on the roads, but I think people have no driving sense. There is no concept of fast lane and slow lane. Plus we have rickshaw's coming from everywhere. I think we need Broader Roads and Offcource driving lanes.

    Dilip Joshi: Well I think we urgently need a sea route from Nariman Point to Borivali with exits at Dadar, Bandra and Andheri, because day by day New Swanky cars are coming on the roads, but there are no new roads being made. How much more load can old existing roads take? Traffic is becoming unbearable in Mumbai.

    Deepshikha Nagpal: I love Mumbai. But I don't know what happens to the traffic, especially during the rainy season. It is horrible; you don't feel like stepping out of the house. We need more fly overs and bridges.

    Vishal Karwal: I think mainly the traffic is because of the rickshaw walla's. So like towns we should also use cabs. Secondly a lot can be done to improve the public transport. Like in London even we need underground tubes covering whole Mumbai.

    Divyanka Tripathy: I feel i enjoy driving on the Mumbai roads the most, post 12am. My feet thanks me a lot, being off the clutch and break in those few hours.

    Romit Raj: I feel Mumbai Traffic is getting from bad to worse, if it rains a little we are scared to take our cars out because of traffic jams. If we need to go out we avoid peak office hours. Looks like only good new public transport can get off cars from the roads.

    Yuvraj Thakur: I would say Mumbai traffic plays the most important role in making a person late to reach somewhere(laughs). it doesn't matter whether it is day or night the traffic is always there on the roads. It loves us so much that for hours and hours it doesn't want us to get out of it. Ye hai kahani bhaiya bambay ke traffic ki.(laughs).

    Additi Gupta: Thats the only thing I hate about mumbai. Traffic sucks. Rest its an awesome city but now I am all used to. All I do on the signal is play a game of poker or Any game on my iphone.

    Soumya Seth: Certain areas of mumbai has traffic and I can understand the reasons population and transport facilities are main ones bt I can see many flyovers and sky walks coming up and also the metro...present is quite annoying but I m sure future will be amazing ...if not amazing but surely better then present...mumbai rocks!! Anytime!!

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    Yeh... Mumbai Always Rocks



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