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    Default Celebs on Teachers Day!

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    We in talks with telly celebs on Teachers Day!

    Teachers day is celebrated in appreciation of teachers and their importance in our life. It is very truly said that teachers are the backbone of a student. A student is recognized by his or her teacher and the values and morals she imparts him in his early childhood days. A 'Thank You' is a very small word to express our feelings to them for their contribution in our life. On this very special day for teachers we got in touch with a few of the telly celebs to share their feelings for their teachers.

    Let's have a look at what have they to say about the same…

    Shrenu Parikh: For me choosing one favorite teacher is unfair, as I was everybody's favorite in school as well as in college. There cannot be a better day than teachers' day to express my gratitude. I will always be grateful to all my teachers for helping me achieve my dreams, always inspiring me and being my friend, philosopher and guide.

    Soumya Seth: 'Teaching is a profession that teaches all the other professions', by saying this I would like to thank all my teachers and want to let them know that they have inspired me as well as they have added a meaning to my life. I always miss my school teachers and tuition sirs. The person I remember the most is my English teacher 'Ashraf' miss who has written in my autograph book the mantra of life 'Smile a while, while you smile make others smile, miles of smile'. On this occasion I wish all the Teachers a very happy teachers day.

    Ragini Khanna: They say 'guru bina gati nahi' means you cannot progress without a teacher, I believe in this saying a lot. I miss my Guruji who taught me music, his position in my life can never be taken by anyone. His loss is irreparable, I miss him on this Teachers' day.

    Rishika Mihani: My teachers is my sister and my mother, they are the best and have taught me a lot in life. I can never thank them enough because words are less to express my gratitude towards them. Today whatever I am is all because of these two beautiful ladies in my life. My mother teaches me the way of life and my sister takes the place of being the best critic and a guiding light. Planning to make them feel really special this Teachers"

    Ronit Bose Roy- I do not have a mentor but I learn from everyone who has learning opportunity to offer. But the person I have learn't most in the industry is Aamir Khan.'

    Ashish Kapoor - My idol teacher would be my Mom. She taught me the biggest lesson 'LIFE". I was very naughty student although.

    Ishiita Sharma- My idol teacher is my Kathak dance teacher. Pandita Uma Dongra Ji. She is much more than a teacher. She is like a mother to me, a piller of strength, a life force always pushing me to my best, nurturing and leading me to the idol path of life. I am lucky to have Uma didi in my life and wish that every person is blessed with a 'Guru' like her.

    Tarana Raja Kapoor- My favourite teacher was my chemistry teacher named Ms. Gomes. I am still in touch with her. I want to say to all the school student that enjoy the learning and the experiences of school life. They will be your fondest memories through life!

    Samaira Rao - My idol teacher is my Mother. She has been always there for me whenever I get lost in life or studies… she is the one who drags me to the right track. I would give all credits to my mom for the person what I am today.



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