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    Default Celebs on what they would do if they were stuck in an elevator!

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    We quizzed celebs on what they would do if they were stuckes in an elevator...

    Ever been in a situation where you didn't know what to do or how to react? Well, we took that question to our celebrities to see what would they do if they got stuck in an elevator and who they wanted to be stuck with.

    If you were stuck in an elevator how will you react? and if possible, who will you choose to be stuck with?

    Ali Mercchant
    First I would definitely panic then will call for help, and if I was going to stuck I would prefer being stuck alone.

    Munisha Khatwani
    If I was stuck in an elevator I would not really panic as I'm quite a calm person. I would start laughing and praying that I don't get hungry or thirsty. If I could get stuck with anyone it would have to be Ashton Kutcher as I simply love him.

    Ankita Bhargava
    I will not worked up or anything, not that I am going to be stuck forever. Some or the other person will certainly come and help me. So better be with a cute single guy.

    Rishi Khurana
    I will be quite chilled out and try different ways to come out. I will think very calmly, and I would love to get stuck with Kareena Kapoor.

    Rishika Mihani
    I will not panic, I will wait and be very calm and patient. I would like to be stuck all alone, sometimes its good to spend some time alone, I love peace and quietness.

    Sanaya Irani
    I would be hysterical like any other person and I would want Mohit Sehgal with me, because he is just so calm.

    Shama Sikander
    I'll just stay calm and try and call the security, and I would like to be stuck with my boyfriend alone.

    Manish Naggdev
    If I am stuck I would want to be with a girl like Katrina Kaif. I will start pataoing her and I am sure by the time I will be out of the lift, she will be all mine. If I am alone I will get very angry and try all the stupid stuff to come out of it.

    Adaa Khan
    I would freak out, as in elevators you dont have network so I wont be able to inform anyone. I would love to be stuck with the one I love, as it would then turn out to be a very romantic date.



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