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    Default Celebs speak about their Janamashtami Celebrations!

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    We in talks with your favorite Telly celebs about their off screen Janamashtami celebrations…

    Today the nation is in a mood to celebrate the joy of the birth of Lord Krishna popularly known as Janamashtami. Our Tellywood industry has also involved themselves in this festival of joy. Janamashtami is being celebrated by our Telly stars both on screen and off screen. You all must have seen them celebrating Janamashtami in their shows but how do they celebrate this festival off screen? We quizzed them about the same.

    Angad Hasija: I am doing a puja of Kanhaji and have decorated a jhula (swing) for him in my mandir at home. I love this festival a lot. I like watching dahi handi but never took part in it.

    Hiten Tejwani: I am offering a puja to Krishna ji at home and then I have a normal day plan.

    Ragini Khanna: There is 56 bhog items at my place. There are lots of guests who have come home which will be followed by bharna. The most special one has been when I broke the handi in my show 'Bhaskar Bharti.' It was great fun.

    Muskaan Mihani: I get up in the morning and put tikka on Krishnaji and Radhaji's picture which I have at home. It is followed by a family puja. I am scared of going into a crowd so I never participated in Dahi Handi celebrations but yes I do watch it on news channels.

    Siddharth Shukla: I enjoy this festival a lot. It is a fun filled affair with family and friends to offer puja of Krishnaji and decorating the jhula. I do make it a point every year to visit the Iskon temple in Chowpatti. When I was young I used to participate in Dahi Handi. Now I don't but do watch it on TV.

    Pariva Pranati: I celebrate it by keeping a fast and wait for the clock to tic 12 and the fast is broken with a lot of celebration. A lot of sweets are offered to lord Krishna and I try to visit a temple by 12 as the energy and life there is at a different level. I am overjoyed. The atmosphere for dahi handi is also full of energy.

    Vishal Gandhi: MY family and I are followers of Lord Krishna. Being the only child, I treat Krishna ji as my best friend. It is an event in the house. The jhula is made and decorated with flowers and dry fruits, variety of dishes are made and offered and I personally keep a fast today. I don't take even a sip of water for 24 hrs. usually I am on shoot on this day so don't get to be a part of it fully at home but all the preparations are done by me apart from cooking.



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