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    Default Celebs on the role exactly opposite the one they are playing now!

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    We in talks with celebs on the roles just opposite the role that they are playing now on screen...

    Acting is portraying different emotions naturally, so we got in touch with few telly celebrities and asked them if they were offered a role which is just opposite the role they are portraying currently,will they still do it with the same grace and attitude and portray the same naturally as they do it now, let's have a look at what had they to say about the same…

    Nia Sharma: I am an actor and playing various types of roles will be a bliss and I definitely don't want my audience to typecast me, like today I am playing the role of Maanvi who is a small town girl and does not have much knowledge of fashion and hence people will stereotype me and if I get a role which is different from what I am playing now, then I will get to show all the other sides of Niaa as an actor and obviously playing such a role will be very challenging, but yea surely would be fun too.

    Arhaan Behll: The role that I play now, that is of the character Krishna is totally different from Arhaan(what I am), and I surely want to take up roles that are different from what I am or what I have already played before,in the near future too because I believe that playing similar roles can be monotonous and will be of no fun and neither will I get the opportunity to learn new as the roles which we take up are always the ones that teach us a lot in life.

    Aishwarya Sakhuja: Being an actor I would definitely not want to be stereotyped by my audience, I would love to try new as I am always ready to take what comes in my way.

    Karan Mehra: As an actor it would be really nice to do a role which is different from what I have been playing now as it becomes very monotonous, we all know that at present the audience wish to see us portrayed different roles. IIt is not as in such like if I am playing the role of Naitik now so people will want to see me in the same always.



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