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    Default Find out how celebs would react if left on an Island?

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    We quizzed celebs on what they would do if left on an Island...

    Ever been in a situation where you didn't know what to do or how to react? Well, we took that question to our celeberties to see what would they do if they got stuck on an island and how would they react in such a situation.

    If left on an Island, mention 3 things you will take with you and why?

    Who will be the first person you will call, if you had a phone?

    If you had the chance to be left on the Island with 2 friends, whom will you want with you?

    Anita Hassanandani

    1. Music/book for entertainment. fishing equipment to fish and eat and a boat if I could.
    2. My mom only.
    3. My boyfriend Rohit and my best friend Nazneen.

    Yashashri Masurkar

    1. I will take a bottle full of water, knife and a matchbox. I am a complete nature lover and I have studied a bit on things which are necessary on and Island to survive.
    2. I will only call my boyfriend.
    3. If I had the chance to be with two people, I will choose to be with my boyfriend and his brother.

    Iqbal Khan

    1. Not 3 things, I will just take a motor boat, in case I got bored, I can return again.
    2. I would call back home and order for some home cooked food ( remember I have a motor boat )
    3. I would ask my wife and my daughter to join me ( remember I have a motor boat )

    Krystle Dsouza

    1. I will take my cell phone with me so I can update my BB/FB/Twitter status and pictures (lol), some food and a tent, I really want to spend a night out in one.
    2. I will call my mom, and tell her I am alright!
    3. I would want to be alone and peace, I am enough to entertain myself. But if I had to take 2 friends it would be my best friend Kshama Shetty and my entertainment package Karan Tacker.

    Arti Puri

    1. Most important is food, music and few good friends and family.
    2. I would call my family.
    3. I am spending a lot time with my Madhubala team and they have become my second home, so I would choose Drashti Dhami and my creative head Yoma.

    Vinod Singh

    1. I will freak out, but try to use the various things I carry to fix it - hair pins, screwdrivers, elastic bands.
    2. I don't know, I am good at engineering so I might be able to sort out something haha. Also I might call the emergency services after a while so that they could get me out before I get any medical harm and I will afterwards pull out my iPhone to block out few people, there's nothing more annoying and irritating then somebody sending stupid forwards message.
    3. I would love to be stuck with the elevator repair man so that I am sure he will know what to do in such situations and get me out soon.

    Karan Goddwani

    1. 3 things? - a floater bed, a sun Tann lotion and a barbecue grill.
    2. First person to call - will be the person for has sent me to the island.
    3. 2 friends? Naah, I would make it 3 and call Barun Sobti, Akshay Dogra and Abhaas Mehta and tell them to get lots of food, because we guys are big time foodies.



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