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    Default Celebs on Rajesh Khanna's sad demise.

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    We in talks with celebs on losing the legend of our film industry....

    It is sad to know that yesteryear's Superstar Mr.Rajesh Khanna lost his life today, but will always be remembered for his outstanding performances in the film industry. A man who left a mark in the industry with his charming performance in his each and every act. Words are less to describe him, he is truly a legend. Our film industry has lost a Gem. He will be missed forever and may his soul rest in peace in heaven. On the same our telly industry celebs also shredded their love for the veteran actor and his importance to your film industry and being a role model in the field of acting.

    Gurmeet Choudhary: Our film industry lost a big legend. When I got the news I was rehearsing for Jhalak when I got this news of sad demise which left me totally shocked. That man was truly amazing, he is the number one actor and will always be. When he was in hospital I used to pray for his good health because he stands as an idol for us actors and is one of my favorites too. May his soul rest in peace. One of his song which is my favorite is:Mere sapno ki rani kab aayegi tu…

    Anas Rashid: I think he is the man who has shown us, what Acting is. He has proved himself a superstar. He was the voice of the common man and an inspiration to other actors and the entire film industry.He is not dead, he is still alive in our hearts. Aaradhna and Anand are one of my favorite movies of Rajesh Khanna and the song: Zindagi kaisi hai paheli haaye….

    Deepshikha Nagpal: It is a very sad news, I have not got over yet of Daraji's sad demise. We are loosing legends. I pray his soul rests in peace and give strength to his family. I love all his films, mostly Kora Kagaz, Amar Prem, Anand and many more…

    Yashashri Masurkar: He was born to be a superstar, he had some kind of magic which mesmerized everyone. My favorite movies starring him Aaradhna, Anand, Bawarchi and favorite song has to be:Mere SSapno KKi raani kab aayegi tu and Kahindur jab din dhal jaaye….

    Reshmi Ghosh: End of the superstar, it's the end of an era. I will always keep him alive through all his movies and music. May his soul rest in peace. Babu Moshai Zindagi aur maut upar wale ke haath hai jahanpanah, hum sab rang manch ki katputliyan hain jinki dor upar wale ke haath mai hai..RIP the legendary Kaka.

    Shrenu Parikh: Call him kaka, king of Romance or Anand. He is a legend may his soul rest in peace. He will be missed.

    Soumya Seth:This year has been quite sad loosing great personalities, after Dara Singhji it is Rajesh Khanna now.I have seen his movies and he was so natural in his performance, he has inspired many youngsters. We can remake his movies but we cannot remake him. It is a big loss for our industry. All I can say is: Please respect your elders and your seniors because you will understand their value once they are gone. Lots of love to all senior actors. May god bless Daraji's and Rajeshji's soul.

    Shaleen Bhanot: It is a great loss for our industry, he has been an acting teacher to the actors. I pray to god that his soul rests in peace. All his movies are great and it difficult to pin point one out of those.

    Smriti Zubin Irani : My favorite film of Rajeshji is Anand and the song is from Aap ki kasam movie: Zindagi ke safar mai guzar jaate hai jo makaam….It is the end of an era, Goodbye superstar.

    Ragini Khanna: He was the one for whom the term Superstar was created. He will be missed a lot.

    Vahbiz Dorabjee: He always said: I hate tears and today he has given all his fans tears. He will always be remembered in everyones heart forever. And I love his song Zindagi Eek Safar Hai SSuhana, the lyrics of this song are truly amazing with a beautiful meaning.

    Jd Majethia: 'Mere Sapno Ki Rani Kab Aayegi Tu' became a wish line for all who were in search of their love. His charm was enough for all his songs which did not require dancing and when he danced with his unique hand movements, it so became a signature charm. I grew up on Hathi Mere Saathi to Avtaar, his charm worked at all ages. He always had a superstar confidence. We will miss him as there can never be another kaka ever.

    Vishal Karwal: He was the best romantic hero ever. I have never seen any actor in Indian film industry who can play with his voice the way Mr.Rajesh Khanna did. Loved himin Bawarchi and Anand and all his songs are evergreen.

    Pooja Gor: It is the saddest that I have heard today. Rajesh Khanna was the 1st superstar in our industry, he has left his legacy behind and he will eternally be alive in our heart through his films. Out of all his films I loved Anand the most and the song of his 'Ke maine tere liye hi saat raang ke sapne ne bune…'.

    Sharad Malhotra: Today India and the entire film fraternity has lost one of its original superstar of yesteryear, Our very own Kaka. May his soul rest in peace. 'Zindagi ke safar mai guzar jaate hai jo makam..' is one of his many chartbusters.

    Kratika Sengar: It is very sad to hear about the sad demise. We have lost a Gem. May his soul rest in peace. is my favorite movie and my favorite song is 'Kahin dur jab din dhal jaaye'.

    Hiten Tejwani: His legendary words truly said 'Yeh Duniya ek rangmanch hai aur hum sab katputli hai jiski dor uparwalle ke hath mai hai...kab kaunsi dor tut jaaye koi nahi jaanta'. Anand is my favorite movie and the song is 'Zindagi kaisi yeh paheli haaye..'.

    Divyanka Tripathy: Sad Deminse of our legendary actor, Rajesh Khanna Sahab is a huge loss to our nation and film fraternity. In his words: 'Zindagi ke safar mai guzar jaate hai jo makaam, Woh phir nahi aate...' He always was special and nothing can compensate for this sorrow of ours. He'll be remembered forever!

    Geeta Kapur: Just know that he was constantly not keeping well before his demise, glad that he is relieved of his suffering and pain. will now only hope and pray that along with me many of his fans will pray or his soul to rest in peace.



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