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    Default Celebs and their Monsoon preferences!

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    We got in touch with your favorite celebs to ask them about their favorite monsoon activity and snack…

    Monsoons have finally arrived ! It is the trending topic on twitter and is just about included in any conversation you have. Our Telly stars are no different and are not immune to the monsoon charm. We spoke to them and asked them to narrate their favourite monsoon activity and their guilty snack indulgence!

    Anjum Farooqi – I love rains. I enjoy strolls with my close friends and love getting drenched. What marks it perfect is if you get to sip on a dark coffee!

    Daljeet Bhanot – Activity has to be drinking garma garam chai and looking out of the window and watching the rain fall. Snacking will be tortilla jalapeno and Maggi !

    Sachin Parikh – Typical Marathi snacks like usal missal, vada pav, kothanbir vadi with hot chillis are my favourite. I love going for a long drive to lush green mountains and on hill stations. I lobe walking on romantic foggy weather, holding hands with my partner!

    Mona Jaswir Singh – I love dry fruits in mountains – I enjoy munching on almonds, walnuts and figs. Activity right now is shooting every day, so I guess it will be enjoying long drives!

    Mark Farokh Parakh – When I think of monsoons I'm automatically reminded of adrak waali chai and bomil fry ( A fish). Just going for a long drive to Lonavala is super enjoyable.

    Akshay Dogra – Ideally I would read a nice book sitting on a rocking chair having coffee. My fondest memory however, has to be with my friend as we would walk around in the rains in our colony back home about the literature we had just started being exposed to. For snacking, pakodas are just perfect for a rainy day!

    Kritika Kamra – I love hot maggi in the monsoons and it is ready available on the sets. I would ideally love to get drenched but with shooting it is not possible. So, the next best thing is to sit with some ginger tea and listen to music.

    Sara Khan – I love going for random drives in my car. I find it to be therapeutic. My all time favorite snacks Lay's work wonders!

    Sanaya Irani – I love this weather – the breeziness and just everything associated with it! I 'm not too sure about getting drenched everyday but I love to sit by the balcony and watch it rain. You have to eat all healthy food while watching it rain- Biscuits, samosas , pakodas (Laughs!)

    Divyanka Tripathy - I love eating gud ke gulgule (Sweet Pakodas) with a steaming hot cup to ginger tea. I love to go for trekking and exploring places while getting wet in the rains with my friends. It is impossible to not to go for long drives!

    Mohit Sehgal - If I'm paying no heed to fitness , then it has to be samosa and a cup of coffee - Nothing beats it. There are a couple of things I love doing - I either spend a lot of time dating my house balcony when it rains or I just love going for a drive !

    Vishal Gandhi - I know people say that you should not have road side food when it rains , but my heart just desires the opposite. I love roadside vada pav , samosa pav and tapri walla chai. It is just the feeling of rain that makes you want to eat most unhealthy food (Laughs). I have a farm around 1.5 hours from here - I like driving to that place with my friends. We go there and chill and enjoy boating as well - Order some fried chicken!



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