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    Default Celebs on international drug abuse day!

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    We in talks with celebs on drug abuse day which was on 26th June...

    Drugs are a threat to people's life and efforts rooted in partnerships with the young, civil society, governments the and international community can help eradicate this malice.To create awareness about the damaging effect of illicit drugs the International day against drug abuse is celebrated. On the same we quizzed tellycelebs on what is their thinking on international drug abuse day...

    Ragini Khanna: Anything which harms the body is not good for longer run. Any which ways our environment and food is polluted enough for us.

    Vishal Karwal: Life in itself is a very big high. One should live life without intake of drugs. Drugs may provide you temporary high but causes depression in long run, most of the people take drugs in the beginning just for experience but it is a viscous circle. Say no to drugs and yes to healthy lifestyle.

    Karan Kundra: I have personally seen lives getting ruined because of drug abuse. The end of people who abuse drugs is very terrible and tragic. The worst part is you realize that you are ruining your life but can't help it beyond a stage. It is a worst thing stay away from it.

    Barun Sobti: Stay away from drugs.

    Angad Hasija: It is important to stay away from intake of drugs because once you start consuming it you get more addicted, which is injurious to health and life in turn.

    Iqbal Khan: Everything you do in life you should do in a limit, anything out of limit is injurious anyways. Staying away from drugs is preferable.

    Kunwar Amarjeet Singh: I believe that more than our government every individual should take fast and tough action against drug abuse and should also make a rule of on the spot punishment because then only people who supply drugs will be scared as Drugs is the only reason behind all the crimes.



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