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    Default Celebs on Independence Day!

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    We in talks with telly celebs on Independence Day today.

    15th August, the Indian Independence Day marks the freedom of our county and its people. The people who have made this day possible are our Late Freedom Fighters who sacrificed their lives to gift us a life free from the daunting British Raj. On this special day, we got in touch with few telly celebs to share their feelings about this precious day.

    Lets have a look on what had they to say...

    Ashish Kapoor- During my childhood days in Delhi, me and my dad used to go to India Gate. I still miss those parades. On this 15th August, I haven't planned anything but might be busy shooting. I really love my country and people out here. I just want to say that every Indian should respect their motherland and should be responsible towards little things, then only everything is going to be better.

    Rishika Mihani-I will be off from work on Independence Day and will surely spend time with my family. Every year I watch parade on television. Every Independence Day I specially wear white kurta, green dupatta, and chudidar and I have been doing this since childhood as I used to participate in programs. I want our country to become safer for girls; where girls can roam around freely. Also I want more hospitals and free medical for the unfortunates. Our India is very good country but we can make it better.

    Samaira Rao-I personally strive for care, compassion & simplicity. Be a giver than a taker. Care for every living be it a man or animal. I want all Indians to walk together to make our India the best place to be in and always be a proud Indian. This 15th August, I'll spend it with my family.

    Mohit Malhotra-I would like to fly kites which I won't be able to do in Mumbai, for sure. So, will probably have a get together with friends and have a little party celebrating Independence Day. I would like India to have more of Anna Hazares & his dream of Corruption-free India come true. Because will definitely help India to move forward in a very positive direction.

    Sushant Singh: I am proud to be a Indian and today i enjoy this freedom which i have is all because of the great freedom fighters who let their life to make us and our country free from the British rule. I do celebrate Independence Day but not the way which i used to in my school days. Now its just watching the Independence Day ceremony on the Television and going for a flag hoisting down the building.

    Mouni Roy: Independence Day is a day to be proud of as a Indian, this day gave us our freedom and we should celebrate it with great pride and thank all the great freedom fighters. This day every year is very special, it takes you back to your school days celebration on Independence Day; listening to patriotic songs, putting flags on our t-shirt and watching the ceremony on the Television. It truly feels very great and proud to be a Indian. Salute to all the great mens. 'Jai Hind'.



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