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    Default Celebs on the incessant rains in Mumbai!

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    We in talks with tell celebs on 'One fine rainy day..

    The incessant rains in Mumbai since yesterday have dual effects on people . The climate is amazing and romantic for some while depressing and troublesome for the others. The jammed roads, delayed local transport and flooded streets has pressed the panic button for the Mumbaikars. We got in touch with few telly celebs to share their experience about 'One fine rainy Day'

    Let's have a look at what they had to say about it...

    Seems like Ragini Khanna was really upset with the flooded roads and the bothersome situation she must have had faced. She said, "Some problems never seem to get over, I am quite disappointed, No point in saying anything".

    Angad Hasija sailed in the same boat like many others and he said, "While returning from the gym the scenario was awful. It was flooded and I was stuck in the traffic for 3 long hours'.

    Rishika Mihani said my set is in Naigaon so yes I did face problems. There was a lot of fog on the highway and innumerable potholes too which became a deadly problematic combination while driving. A number of accidents also took place and the jammed roads added to the trouble. It usually takes me an hour to reach home, but yesterday I spent three hours driving back home. To add to it all, I had a morning shift, so I am very tired.

    Hiten Tejwani was lucky enough to pack a little late yesterday. He said " By the time I left the traffic had come back to normal since most of the people had already reached home or probably waited for things to get back to normal.

    Abhaas Mehta said, "Yeah, I was stuck on the highway for 3 long hours. I'd rather watch a film.

    Nandish Singh Sandhu: There was a river across the road while going to shoot. I had to drive through a village to reach the sets which took me two and a half hours in total. Many members from the unit were stuck including the director and fellow co-actors. We all got down from our cars wondering how we were going to shoot as there was an issue with the telecast. We soon found an alternative solution through the village and reached the sets.

    Gaurav Chopra: It would had been easier if I had to do a romantic scene yesterday because of the rain and wind. It was very difficult to shoot a serious intense scene.

    Some enjoyed the heavy showers...

    A happy Nakuul Mehta says, "I was shooting at Fillmcity until 2am and all the warning messages of 'Stay safe in your home', did not apply to me. Luckily we were shooting a rain sequence with artificial rain and tankers but since it was raining heavily we shot our scene in real rain. So this time heavy rains actually worked for us(smiles). Though getting back home was quite a challenge due to the flooded roads leading to Juhu".

    Soumya Seth shared, "I enjoyed the beautiful rains and the cozy climate with my favorite Chinese cuisine and movies at home'.

    Well, it is only true that rains can cast a beautiful charm over some while be a troublemaker for the others.



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