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    Default Celebs on the holy festival 'EID'.

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    We in talks with telly celebs on the festival of 'EID'....

    EID is a Muslim festivity which marks the end Ramadan the holy month of fasting. EID is an occasion of showing gratitude to God and remembering him. This is a day where Muslims from all around the world come together with a common goal of unity. On this holy occasion we got in touch with a few of the telly celebs to share their views on EID and how are they going to celebrate it.

    Lets have a look at what had they to say on the same….

    Adaa Khan: I will be celebrating EID with my family. I have specially taken an off from shooting this day. I am very excited this EID as my brother is coming from Dubai. It is going to be my first EID with my nephew and that makes it very special. There is going to be a lot of fun with delicious authentic dishes.

    Faisal Raza Khan: I am going to celebrate EID this year after about 6-7 years, and the more special part is that I will be celebrating it in my home town, Delhi with my entire family. Also this year all brothers and my Dad are going to wear the same color Pathani. Looking forward to this day (smiles)

    Sanjeeda Shaikh: Well EID is very special to me and I will be celebrating it with both, my in-laws and parents, I will divide my day accordingly.

    Ali Mercchant: I am very excited this year. My dad and I are going to wear a similar white pathani for the morning prayers and then will have a family get together. Getting EIDI is fun.

    Shoaib Ibrahim: This EID I am going home. It is special for me because after the month of Ramadan we are blessed by the day of EID so not only me but it stands special for every Muslim. It starts with namaaz followed by meeting people and greeting them as well as having to eat some delicious food. My favorite part of this festival is receiving 'Eidi' from elders. This EID like others I am carrying a surprise gift for my sister. The thing I miss the most in Mumbai Is my mom's hand made 'Kheer', so as I am going back home and I will have a lot of it. Can't wait to be home and celebrate EID with my family.

    Eijaz Khan: As usual I will celebrate it with prayers at the morning, with my dad and my brother. Afterwards go to my friends house and celebrate. EID is all about being with friends and family. I hope to go to Mohammad Ali, the night before EID. It's a place in mumbai where you get all the muslims delicate dish all night. I haven't done it this year I will do it before EID.

    Iqbal Khan: I will celebrate my EID with minimum of shows and maximum of Zakaat and lots of Dua.

    Rakshandha Khan: I will celebrate it with my family, prayers at the morning. I will visit my moms side and then afterwards my dads side. Our family is based very widely based, so meeting them all in one day is hard.

    Aasiya Kazi: I will offer prayer in the morning and will then spend some time with my family and then go for shoot.

    Sana Amin Sheikh: EID again going to be very simple. Every year we celebrate with morning namaz. Afterwards my mom makes sher Korma, which is the speciality. Afterwards we start preparing for lunch and dinner which is basicly biryani, Korma and naan. We also do take a nap so we are fresh for the evening, where a lot friends and family come to meet. Always EID we get visit by Sonu Nigam, he is like a family member, he tries his best to make it out if he is in India. We all friends celebrate, last year my pratigya friend came, it's like friends from that times current serial do come. But some permanent friends always do come.

    We wishes all a very Happy EID.



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