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    Default Celebs on one thing that they hate about themselves!

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    We in talks with celebs about one thing that they hate about themselves...

    It is easy to criticize others on their habits which we do not like, but it is very difficult to point fingers to on ourselves. So we quizzed some of the telly celebs on one of the habit that they don't like about themselves...

    Sana Amin Sheikh: Over reacting is what I hate about myself.

    Anas Rashid: I am very lazy and I don't like that about myself(laughs).

    Debina Bonnerjee Choudhary: I have the habit of forgetting people's face. I can remember their name, number but I always forget their face. I don't know why this happens with me but whatever this is I think it is a problem and I hate it.

    Gurmeet Choudhary: Not being able to resist food because I am a big foodie. I am very diet conscious person. Even when I wish to have a dish I see to it that I avoid it because I know I'll end up having too much of it and will spoil my diet.

    Additi Gupta: I trust people a lot without knowing them well.



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