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    Default Celebs express agony on female molestation

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    We in talks with celebs on the recently happened Guwahati molestation...

    A 17 year-old girl was molested by 11 men outside a club and the video that went viral has caused an outrage. One must question the wisdom of the crowd as everyone stood around watching this incident. In fact, a reporter even filmed the incident but no one had the courage to stop the crime. While shows like Satyamev Jayate, Gumrah, Crime Patrol, etc are based on such real life crimes, our country perhaps still needs a lot more education when it comes to such crimes and stopping them from happening. Our television actors share their opinions on this very sad incident...

    Mohit Sehgal: I really believe this incident is very sad and also the fact that there were many other people around who just did not help the girl out, I mean they could have helped her out, & would have stopped something like this happening. I really feel that these molesters should be really hanged.

    Varun Badola: Well this is a very shameful act which has happened wherein the sad part is there was no one to help that young girl. I would really call such men as cowards, those who molested the girl and also those who were just watching it happen. The men who did this are not worth to be called men, they are a shame for our country. Well now talking on their punishment part: even if these people are arrested our law is so slow that coming on to a conclusion for them will be too late to do anything. That is why at times I feel that being brutal sometimes is not all that bad, like in if I say there are some states and countries where in if there a thief who has stolen something, then the punishment is that their fingers should be cut. It Is fair enough so that they don't commit such crimes again and again.

    Kinshuk Mahajan: Well I would say that whatever happened was very bad, I mean 11guys molested a girl while others on the streets just watched that happened whereas they could have had easily saved the girl. Those molesters should be punished severely.

    Karan Tacker: I would really want that such people should be arrested and needs to be punished, and the punishment should be severe enough that in the near future no one tries to do anything as such...

    Arhaan Behll: This is a very sad incident, i feel very bad about the whole thing that has happened, we all know about our rights but we still fail in it.Those men who were standing around would have had helped that girl but they were just watching it happen and this is very bad and sad as well as shameful.

    Arjun Bijlani: Firstly I think why such incidents happen in our country that to all in open yet no one there to help. This proves that the law and order in our country is so weak that people are not at all scared to commit crimes. Let me give you an eye witnessed example: I saw a guy breaking the rules of signal and driving ahead even when the traffic police was standing there. In the same manner a rich personality thinks that it is easy for him to rule as he is financially strong and for the ones who are in groups and commit crimes think they are too many to face the situation and come out of it. But honestly speaking the guys who have molested a girl should be all made nude and make them walk on the streets and put them behind the bars forever.

    Anas Rashid:This is a very critical situation, its so sad that we all are leaving our ethics and culture behind, like suppose if am walking on the road and if something happens to me or to someone else it is but obvious that we expect the public around us to help since our country's administration is so weak that we just can't expect them to reach on the spot. Hence in such condition we look up to citizens for help but when they show such ignorance it is really a very pitiful site to witness.



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