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    Default Celebs and an encounter with their craziest fan!

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    We tries to find out the encounters our Telly celebs have had with their craziest fan!

    Where there is a Celebrity, there is a fan following. Like our Bollywood celebrities, our Tellywood celebrities also have great fan following. Celebrities have had wild yet interesting experiences at various occasions. Read through the article to find out more.

    Pooja Sharma- One day I was sitting with my on screen mom at the Infiniti Mall. After sometime, three girls came and sat next to us on the table. They all started staring at me. Then I smiled looking at them and after which one of the girls asked me, "Are you Saanchi?" As soon as I said, "Yes, I am" they became happy and excited. They were in a group of around 10 people and one of them rushed to call the rest. Each one of them took their individual pic with me.

    Avinash Sachdev: Once Rubina Dilaik and I went to Malaysia for our shoot. We got to know that some of our fans have come to meet us in our hotel. It was around 10:30 in the night. Then, we got a call for our shoot so we had to leave. When we returned at around 7 in the morning, we were surprised to see that they all were still waiting just to get a glimpse of us.

    Anas Rashid: Once I was standing at the Janta sweet shop in Jodhpur. After sometime, 3 girls came and asked me, "Are you Prithviraj Chauhan?" I nodded with a no, as I didn't wish to reveal my identity in front of them. I sat inside my car and suddenly saw the girls running behind my car and throwing some stuff on it. This was unexpected and the craziest encounter with a fan for me.

    Aditya Redij: I haven't had any encounter with a crazy fan. But yes, I do have some lovely fans, who keep on sending their best wishes and love to me in the form of cards, bouquets, and gifts at my native place, even if I am not there.

    Arhaan Behll: I keep on having some of the craziest fan encounters each day. Whenever I go to malls or any other public places, I get surrounded by many people. I would like to say that I am shocked to see fans commenting on my facebook pages and have also created websites. I am really touched. It takes too much of time and effort but still they have managed to do this all just for me. I don't get time to reply to each and everyone, but I still try my best to do so.

    Ankita Sharma: I went to my college in Delhi and suddenly a boy came running towards me and hugged me. I thought he must be one of my friends but he was a fan. He appreciated my acting too.

    Karan Mehra: I keep on having some of the craziest fan encounters whenever I visit malls. They keep on following me and they even come after me in the toilet and click pictures with me there too (laughs).

    Smiriti Kalra: Few days ago I got a half day from my shooting schedule. I was roaming around in Versova and a girl saw me and started screaming. Firstly, I started wondering what made her scream. I also screamed like she did. I thought there must be something wrong with her. She had recognized me as Suvreen and she asked to click a picture with me. I agreed and she was very happy. This was a really cute fan encounter.

    Divyanka Tripathy: Recently I went for an election campaign in Nagpur. People started climbing on the jeep and they were screaming slogans like, "Ap hamari agli Sonia Gandhi ho (You're our next Sonia Gandhi)" and I was trying to convince them that I am not contesting the election. I was just there to promote the election campaign.

    Rati Pandey: I am actually scared of my fans as they are extremist (laughs). I would like to share one of the craziest encounters with my fan, which got me scared. I had been to my nani's place, where I met one of my fans who wrote a love letter for me with his blood and he wanted to marry me. I would like to advice my fans not to do such things and keep going happily in life.

    Gaurav Khanna: I always see my fans doing some of the craziest things on India Forums. They keep on posting pictures and videos and I feel very happy to see all that. Recently we were shooting for our show Byaah Hamari Bahu Ka outside a hotel. There were around 250 college girls and they were really very excited to see us there. Each one of them wanted to click a picture with me and Shrenu Parikh and both of us were overjoyed to be surrounded with 250 girls.

    Nia Sharma: Everyone screams while seeing me for the first time! They say, "Omg you're Nia!" There is so much difference between my on-screen and off-screen avatar so they end up saying oh my God. So, this is the craziest thing for me.




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