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    Default 'Celebs on the definition of Acting'

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    We in talks with celebs on the definition of acting and what does it mean to them...

    Getting into the character of a role and bringing it out naturally is the task and duty of an actor. We got in touch with tellycelebs and quizzed them on their definition of acting and what it meant to them...

    Rohit Purohit: Acting is basically how you portray different types of character professionally. Acting means everything to me and is my only passion.

    Rucha Gujrathi: Acting is showcasing your talent. You should relate to your character. The character you play should be so natural that anyone can relate to it.

    Sachin Shroff: Acting to me is expressing your emotions and portraying different colorful characters. I define acting as emoting yourself, being yourself and expressing yourself.

    Yuvraj Malhotra: Acting means a lot to me. When you act you should feel the character and live it, then only can you portray the characters lively.

    Teejay Sidhu: Acting means to bring in an art form to life. Breathing the imaginary characters and portraying it. When you act, you should act as if nobody is watching you, Your confidence should be at the highest as well and the act should be natural and real too.

    Neil Bhatt: Acting is my life and my passion. Acting means to portray a character, but one can only do that when he believes in what he acts.

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