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    Default Celebs define the thin line between Love and Friendship.

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    We in talks with celebs on their definition between friendship and love...

    There is a thin line between friendship and love and with the release of the movie 'Cocktail', we got in touch with few celebs to know how do they define this thin line...

    Pooja Kanwal Mahtani: In love, friendship is also very important and that depends on the bond that they share throughout.

    Deepika Singh: It is a sweet relation. Love demands responsibilities while Friendship comes with no terms and conditions.

    Shamin Mannan: According to me Friendship is love and vice-versa. Friendship is unconditional you cant judge it and friendship comes a bit more closer it is the result to Love.

    Ankur Nayar: I dont think that there is a thin line between love and friendship. You can be friends with the one you love but it doesn't stand mandatory to change the friendship into love when you have no such feelings. Love doesn't mean sharing an intimacy and thinking the relation as one like boyfriend/girlfriend. Love is shared in all types of relation be it mom/dad/brother/sister etc.

    Shaleen Bhanot: No one can define the thin line because for everyone the definition stands different, its the people's way of thinking. It is individual, there is no specific definition.

    Simran Kaur: I think when you get goosebumps when you see your friend with whom you have been friends from lond(smiles).

    Sanjeeda Shaikh: Love and Friendship are two different emotions. Friendship comes up with no rules and regulations nor does it demand anything whereas love is a compatibility between two partners. According to my personal experience friends do fall in love when they become too close to each other and that happy realization is the thin line.



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