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    Default Celebs on: If given 1 lakh rupees, then how will they spent it.

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    We in talks with celebs on if given 1lakh rupees, then how will they spent it....

    Nothing is possible without money, for every want Money is the only one which can get us our need. Well we all get excited and happy when we get money to spent infact we all eager to get in some because money is the something which even is more seems less, all we need is More and More. So on the same we asked are telly celebs whether what will they do if they are 1 Lakh rupees now. How will they spent it, and they said:-

    Reshmi Ghosh: Buy lovely gifts for my friends and for my family too.

    Madhura Naik: I would go to zara, mango, bebe blow all the money off, shop till I drop...No I wouldn't do that...Rather I would fill my car with 2-3 street kids and take them on a road trip across India and film my country and the innocence of it.

    Pooja Gor: I would simply put it in my bank as i m accumulating funds for my new car.

    Romit Raj: I will buy gold for my Daughter Reha.

    Angad Hasija: Shopping shopping and shopping...

    Krystle Dsouza: 1 lakh in today's time is barely anything, so I think I will just take it and go on a mini vacation and spend it. I'm sure I'll have to add some of my own money too, but I am happy that at least one lakh is sponsored.

    Rubina Dilaik: I would give this amount for the road constructions in my village where metaled roads are badly needed. My village is in Chaupal, shimla, Himachal pradesh.

    Divyanka Tripathy: I Would go for a trip to some exotic destination... Need to relax.

    Yashashri Masurkar: I will a plan a holiday to some nice place, like ladakh or kanyakumari.

    Hiten Tejwani: I will not take it instead I will earn that money on my own and then will do whatever I want to do.

    Vishal Karwal: I will go on a holiday...



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