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    Default Birthday greetings to Shikha Singh, Manoje Biddvai and Ankita Sharma

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    Three TV actors are celebrating their birthdays today (7 February 2013). They are Shikha Singh (who stars in Life Ok’s 2612), Manoje Biddvai and Ankita Sharma (Life OK’s Amrit Manthan).

    Shikha’s very close friends Ajay Menon and Karan Shah threw her a surprise birthday party last night to which they also invited other good friends of hers. The actress got many birthday gifts today which include an iPhone 5, few purses and flowers. An optimistic Sahana told us, “On my birthday I am glad that yet another year has passed away happily. I am greatly looking forward to this year as I feel it will be one of the happiest ones of my life. I thank God, my friends and family for this.”

    Manoje Biddvai’s birthday celebrations also began from last night. He celebrated his birthday with a private party at Trader Vic's Mai-Tai Lounge at Phoenix Palladium Mall., Mumbai. Today he had brunch with his friends. He has already received some perfumes, a comb and an iPad as gifts. In the evening he is expecting more gifts. He told us, “On my birthday I feel happy to be a year older and wiser.”

    Ankita Sharma remained unavailable.

    We wish all of them a very happy birthday.



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