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    Default "If Balaji doesn't stay, the actor doesn't stay": Aman Verma

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    We in conversation with Aman Verma...

    Aman Yatan Verma is a versatile actor. He has been there done that and has balanced a career in the television industry and films as well. He was last seen in a negative avtaar in Choti Bahu on Zee TV . He speaks to us exclusively about everything in his life.

    Films, TV or theatre which mode do you enjoy the most as an actor?
    Actually, I enjoy all of them. When I need response right then and there then I like theatre. With TV you are more like a daily newspaper, it fills you in everyday . When I need to be a part of eternity, it is certainly films. I have been lucky to do few films and looking to do lot more.

    What changes you find in the TV industry since the time you started your career with Pachpan Khambe Lal Deewarein?
    Every thing has changed. The way people function, how actors are treated, the position the TV channel is in and everything. Today the TV channel picks up an actor for one show and then the actor dies with the show. Years back you would see actors doing more shows. Now it is the channel which decides how everything should be and honestly little do they realize what goes in the making. Before it was the producer who would decide who should to be part of the show. Today the channel is the maa-baap and about the story, even if you have an average actor you can get away with it. You would need an incredible actor only when you need to bring a change in the show.

    You have maintained quite a lean look. How do you manage to stay so fit?
    I must say my food habits are correct, I eat and sleep on time. I do not binge or over eat so all that has helped to keep me and my body maintained.

    A negative character's track can be finished any time in a TV show. Doesn't that create any insecurity?
    I think I have gone past that stage. When I get to know that the character is coming to an end, I think about it may be for a week but once I come to the end of the role, I look forward to the next. There is something always waiting for me. In the past I have forced myself to think good and be positive. You need to believe in yourself and keep working hard and things will happen.

    The industry is crowded with new comers and every actor doesn't get to bounce back like Ram Kapoor in Bade Acche Laggte Hai...
    About Ram Kapoor bouncing back, when I worked with him, I always felt that Ekta and him were really close. The bond they share is strong. But Ekta has an eye to pick up a good actor. But Bade Ache Lagte Hai, needed a big, fat yet cute and cuddly, above 40 years of age looking man. So mid-age people would fall in love with the character. It is the physicality of the character that is more important than the performance. Only then the lines and scenes work for you. But I give due credit to him, he is a fine actor and is doing a good job.
    I wish it was a scene wherein an actor who is really thin, gained weight and then work around it. But our country does not give a chance as an actor to perform and get into the skin of the character. We are hardly given time to prepare and work towards finesse. If a show is doing well in Balaji, it depends only if Ekta believes in it. If Ekta says something about casting an actor even if it was a situation where I didn't believe in myself, I would do it because she has an eye for sensibility. It is Ekta who puts you up on that pedestal. No actor really works well outside the Balaji camp. That's why I proved myself with different banners. If Balaji doesn't stay, the actor doesn't stay.

    You were said to be very close to Ekta Kapoor once upon a time. What is the status of your friendship with her?
    I was never close to Ekta Kapoor. I just met her a couple of times when she called me to cast me in Ghar Ek Mandir. It went on for 3 to 4 minutes and the second meeting was to cast for Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi for about 2.5 minutes. Recently I met her 2 and half years ago for about 10 minutes. In totality I've met her for about 12-15 minutes of my life, nothing more than that.

    If she offers you a meaty role will you take it?
    Yes of course. If Ekta gives you a role, you should quietly take it and do your job. She makes sure you get what you want and you must deliver your best.

    What is the criteria for taking up an offer?
    It used to be role and the character, but I have realized that if you are doing a good role and character and not the right production house, the film may not even release. So now along with a good script, role, character, you need the right director, producer, production house and a lot of things put together.

    What's your take on casting couch in the TV industry?
    It is you who has to decide if you want to be a part of it or not. I am no one to comment and we know what the world is all about. It is an individual decision.

    What does fame means to you?
    Fammmeee.. initially it was name, recognition, money but today fame is the love that I want from people. If someone tells me that they like my performance, that touches me. Initially when I started, I needed the name, money, fame, needed house, cars, mobile and luxury. Now with time, I would rather use my fame to be close to my mother, family or help someone, institution, to help the poor and needy.

    Recently there were reports of you dating Munisha Khatwani. Can you tell us about it?
    When it comes to Munisha, please pick up the phone and ask her. For me Munisha is my friend, we have spent time and always felt that if I knew a tarot card reader it could help to predict my future. She is a lovely girl and it is a little unfortunate that we don't have the ability to stop something in the paper. We don't have any law called defamation in situations where they completely trash your character. All you can do is keep quiet and let the storm pass by. I was surprised with the news. They used my name without asking me, but I kept quiet and moved on. I am sure her tarot cards never told me that they would link me up and I would have stopped meeting her. (wink)

    When you intend to settle down in real life?
    That is a personal question, when I am able to answer it, I will. For now I prefer to be zipped!

    Do you intend to take up direction in future?
    I do have something in my mind. May be this year or next year, I will work towards that. Being a director is a part of the scheme of things in my head. Patte kholne se kuch nahi hoga, maine abhi unhe ulte karke mez par rakhe hai. time aane par ek ek karte paltunga. jab paltunga toh duniya ulti ho jayegi. (laughter)



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