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    Default And the award for the... Student of The Year goes to...!

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    Celebs sharing their views on the qualities for which they would have been awarded, as Student of The Year…

    One of much awaited movie of the year, Student of the Year, released this week. We tries to quiz some of the celebs of the T-Town about the quality they possess for which they would have been awarded as the Student of The Year during their school or college days. Let's check out what our celebs have to share about it.

    Drashti Dhami: I would have been awarded for being the Brat of the year. I used to be a naughty student during my school and college days and often would bunk classes.

    Anas Rashid: If being thrashed would have been a criteria for awarding a student, then I would have definitely got that award (laughs). There was a a reason behind it. My grandpa was the headmaster of my school and if other students used to get beaten up by him 4 times, then I used to get it 8 times. I didn't know the reason behind it. Sometimes, I used to get angry that we should have had the benefit of having our grandpa as our school's headmaster but this was not the case. I have been beaten up by him a lot of times till class 10th. I became a very good student in college and I could have won an award for being the most active student of the year award during my college days.

    Hina Khan: I would have been awarded for being the most disciplined student of the year and for excelling in extracurricular activities too. I was okay in academics and always performed well in extracurricular activities like drawing, singing, dancing, etc. I also used to do a lot of masti as a student so, I could have been awarded for that as well.

    Devoleena Bhattacharjee: As a student, I was a very active member with the cultural department and social welfare but more than that I would have been awarded for being the 'Nari Shakti of the year.'

    Mukul Harish: I would have been awarded for bunking my classes. All the time I was seen playing football in the playground. My teachers and principal used to complain about this to my parents on every parent and teachers meet.

    Shakti Mohan: I was awarded as student of the year in school. I was a perfect nerd and overall very active in the activities in school. All the teachers used to love me and I am sure that my fellow students did not.

    Dheeraj Dhoopar: I had the same kind of a title in my college and I won that too. I was good in academics and extracurricular activities too. I used to participate in all the sport events as well as cultural events in college. On the other hand, I was one of the most notorious students in the college. Once I was caught sitting with a girl in the college canteen bunking my Accounts lecture. I think in spite of me bunking my classes and being naughty, I was saved and liked by my teachers since I was good in studies. I also became the discipline in-charge of my college because my teachers thought if I am given that responsibility, then I won't be doing any naughty stuff. I am still confused about why I was awarded the title of the 'Student of the Year'.

    Anupriya Kapoor: I should have been awarded for being the most unpopular student because I was so honest and disciplined that all the teachers loved me. I was very close to my teachers. That is why most of the students were scared of me. I was the Hitler of my school.

    Shashank Vyas: I would have been awarded for being the biggest prankster of the year or being the naughtiest student of the year. I was an average student but I was very good at dramatics and other cultural activities.

    Folks! Your favorite celebrities have shared their views on for what qualities would they have been awarded as Student of The Year. Now its time to share yours!



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