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    Default Ashita Dhawan says, with Shailesh around, half my battle is won

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    Ashita Dhawan Gulabani has been away from the limelight of television for the past 8-9 months, as she is expecting her first baby!! However, the actress is excited about the fact that the industry has not forgotten her.

    In a conversation with us, Ashita says, “Though I have not been seen on TV for some time now, I have been getting calls for challenging roles. I have been telling many that the time is right for them to talk, but I cannot take up any show as I am in the family way (smiles).”

    So how is it to welcome parenthood? And does she miss television? “No way, I am not missing television, but I have to get back to TV sooner or later. My plan is to stay away for another 9-10 months post delivery, and then get back and be seen. But as of now, I am enjoying every moment of my pregnancy. Touchwood, I have had a smooth ride till now and I have one more month to go as I am due to deliver in November end or early December (2012).”

    Talking about her husband Shailesh Gulabani, who has always been a pillar of support to her, she states, “With Shailesh around, half my battle is won. He has been helping me out quite a lot and has been very caring and supportive. I have my parents and in-laws too in Mumbai; so I can say that I am in secure hands.”

    Ashita and Shailesh, we wish you all the very best for parenthood!!



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