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    Default Ashita Dhawan Gulabani makes her baby girl dance on Chikni Chameli

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    Ashita Dhawan Gulabani who is the proud mother of twins, a boy and a girl is enjoying her motherhood to the fullest.

    Talking about her babies who were born on 20 November 2012, Ashita states, "Arhmaan and Amaira are growing up very fast. By God’s grace they are very healthy and doing well. Sailesh and I are enjoying every moment of life. My in-laws are also very sweet and supportive."

    Describing the kids further, Ashita shares, “Arhmaan is like me and Amaira has gone on her dad. Amaira is very fair and chubby. They both are very adorable."

    She goes on, “I make them listen to nursery rhymes every evening. I also play music for them and make Amaira dance to the Chikni Chameli song (laughs)."

    On her probable comeback to television, Ashita states, "Very soon, in fact I have started giving my look test. And by God's grace I have not gained much of weight.”

    Ashita and Shailesh, we wish you all the very best for your parenthood!!



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