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    Default Anupriya Kapoor's slam book

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    We brings to you the Sunday Celebrity slam book section with Anupriya Kapoor

    Anupriya Kapoor who was recently seen playing the character of Taani in Star Plus' popular show Tere Liye, spared time to answer our slam book questions…



    Sun Sign:Sagittarius.


    Describe yourself:I am optimistic, simple and a straight forward girl.

    Your strength and weakness:My family and loved ones are my strength and weakness too.

    What can easily impress you:It is a combination of lot of things which together impress me.

    Hobbies:Dancing, listening to music, traveling and meeting my friends.

    A cloud 9 moment for you:It was the moment when I was invited as a chief guest in my own school where I had grown and spent my childhood.

    Do you believe in destiny:Yes.

    Song you're humming these days:I always like to hum Jagjit Singh's Gazals.

    Any TV show you follow:I do watch TV but there's not any particular show which I follow. I love to watch movie channels like Movies Now and HBO.

    An unforgettable day of your life:When I got my pet – Brandy.

    Describe your daily routine in short:I get up at 9 in the morning freshen up and then I offer puja. After that I have my breakfast and get myself involved with my work. I go to the gym in the evening. I spend some time watching TV. I eat dinner at 8 and then read books and go to bed at around 11:30.

    What keeps you busy these days:I am learning to drive and dance. I am reading a lot and also learning a new language.

    What used to be your favorite passtime during your free time on the sets:I used to chat with Supriya and Geetanjali ji.

    The best compliment ever received:It was given to me by one of my seniors who said, I was changing channels then I come across a scene of your show. I got stuck there and the scene made me cry which made me follow your show.

    If Ginnie asks three wishes from you then what would they be:My first wish would be to give me the courage to handle the stress caused due to the negativity all around. My second wish would be to never take me away from my loved ones. My third wish would be that I shouldn't ever hurt anyone.

    Your inspiration:I am self motivated person. I don't idolize anybody but I get myself inspired seeing the good old things that happened to me.

    You're incomplete without:My friends and family.

    Message to your fans:I would like to thank them for the love they have given me. I would like to say to them that I know I am making you wait for a long time but I am waiting for the right project so that you all will say that though she has made us wait, the wait has been worth it.



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