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    To be honest, I wasn't planning on getting another Angry Birds game ever again. Not because of disdain for the game, but just because I thought the gameplay would be dreadfully boring.

    Boy, was I wrong.

    Everyone's favorite fowl are back in "Angry Birds Star Wars," and as always they are ready to annihilate their entire species to get revenge on some pigs who stole a few eggs. I haven't played an Angry Birds game since the first one went viral, and after 10 minutes, I can see why this is No. 1 on the App Store's paid apps lists. The game mechanics remain the same, but the gameplay is very different. Rovio (creator of the Angry Birds games) has expanded its bird-specific power-ups to each new bird you get, which forces people to think tactically about what powers to use, and when.

    I've always been a huge fan of games that make people think, and Angry Birds is no exception. There still are levels that you will be stuck on for a long time, usually making you as angry as the birds you're throwing, but it's all just good game design.

    The only complaint I have is that sometimes when you're out of birds (ammo) and you've completed a round successfully, you have to wait for gravity and the physics to play itself out. I don't want to watch a wheel slowly navigate through the landscape until it decides to stop rolling. Yes, physics is good, but that's just a tad annoying.

    Like I said in my last review for "Fun Run," your typical mobile gamer isn't looking for a "Legend of Zelda" story line or the outrageously gorgeous graphics of "Crysis 3," but a simple time passer. This franchise has never failed to make smash hits, making Angry Birds the "Call of Duty" of mobile games.



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