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    Default I am a super shopaholic girl: Additi Gupta

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    We brings you the Monday column on ‘Confessions of Tellywood Shopaholics’ with Additi Gupta...

    We brings you a new Monday column on 'Confessions of Tellywood Shopaholics'. This week we have the very sweet and charming Additi Gupta who made people go crazy with her portrayal of character of Heer in 'Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil' with Harshad Chopra. Aditi Gupta is a self-confessed shopaholic and we tried to find out more about her shopping interests and her favorite shopping destinations.

    Are you a Shopaholic?

    Yes, I am a super shopaholic girl. I go crazy when it comes to shopping. I also like going for window shopping, when I don't have money with me. When I go abroad, I shop a lot and when I get something for my friends from there, I don't feel like giving that to them. I wish to keep all of those things with me (laughs).

    How often do you go for shopping?

    I shop thrice in a week. I like getting myself pampered with shopping.

    What are the things you shop the most for?

    I love to shop for shoes, clothes and perfumes. These days my latest fetish is gadgets.

    What is your dream shopping destination?

    USA is my dream shopping destination.

    Where do you prefer shopping in Mumbai?

    Anywhere and everywhere! I prefer shopping at Bandra, Palladium and other malls of Mumbai.

    Quick Fire: what would you buy?

    If you were given Rs. 10: I would love to have an ice cream of it.

    If given Rs. 100- Accessories especially earrings!

    If given Rs. 1000- I would like to purchase sandals with it!

    If given Rs. 1 Lakh- I will shop for all the new stock from ZARA.

    If given Rs. 1 crore- I'll buy the H&M shop. I am crazy about its trends, styles, fabulous clothing, accessories and shoes.

    Please share with us how do you feel after shopping?

    I get a very good feeling after shopping but the balance in my bank account makes me feel bad always. Every time after shopping, I feel that I shouldn't have spent all that money and it could have been used for something else. But still it's ok. It's a feeling that every shopaholic gets and I'll continue to be a shopaholic!



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