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    Default "I am a down to earth person": Shilpa Anand

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    We in conversation with the beautiful actress, Shilpa Anand..

    You were recently seen in a telefilm on Star Plus, how was the experience?

    The experience was great, the people and the production house was extremely sweet. The concept of the show by BBC was very different and enjoyable too.

    When can fans expect to see you back in a lead role again?

    That is something that even I don't know. Destiny shall decide that. May be should be sometime soon.

    Your favourite shows on TV right now?

    I like to watch Bade Acche Lagte Hai.

    A Bollywood role you would love to do?

    I would like to play all different kinds of roles, so I can't really mention one.

    Define your self in three words?

    Define myself, that's a tough one. I think I am down to earth, that is 3 words

    On a blind date you would love to go with?

    I like to keep it a blind date only a surprise for me.

    A secret desire?

    Let's keep that as a secret.

    Most memorable Incident with a fan?

    My birthdays are always a memorable and pleasurable time with all my fans, because they send so much love through messages.

    Life to you means?

    Take each day as it comes.

    Philosophy of life?

    Enjoy your life and make the best out of it

    Acting to you is?

    Acting to me is all about the personal satisfaction I derive from it.

    Your closets friends in the industry?

    Munisha Khatwani is my closest friend in the industry.



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