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    Default 'I am just allergic to alcohol'- Salil Ankola

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    Cricketer and actor Salil Ankola wishes to make a comeback on TV after having been on a break from acting for the past two years. He came out of rehab where he was being treated for alcoholism this year and says that he is completely cured now.

    You want to make a comeback to TV. Have you been offered any role recently?
    Yes I have been offered roles. I am in talks with some people too. However I don't want to do a role which isn't good. I will surely not pick up everything and anything that comes my way.

    What kind of roles would you love to do?
    There isn't a definite answer to this question. I would like to do a role that excites me. However I won't do comedy since I am just not made for it.

    What kind of roles besides comic roles would you never do?
    I would like to play a villain. In fact I even got nominated for my villainous role in the film Chura Liyaa Hai Tumne. However I would never do a rapist's role.

    Are you open to performing in more reality shows? You did participate in Bigg Boss 1.
    I would surely like to go to the Bigg Boss house again if I get a chance. I did get an offer to be on Survivor, however ultimately something happened and I didn't go. A dancing reality show isn't right for me as people will start laughing on seeing me dance. Maybe with a good choreographer I would be able to dance well.

    Did you learn acting?
    I didn't do any acting in school and college. I learnt acting through work experience. The creative team was very helpful in this regard.

    Hum Sai Hai Life on Channel V is a show on a woman boxer. It's a sports based show which has got a good youth following. Do you think that there should be a fiction show on cricket (maybe a men's cricket team)? That wouldn't be a saas bahu drama and there would be male protagonists instead of women protagonists. Would you like to play the coach on a show like that?
    Yes, this would be a good idea as there need not be simply women oriented shows. Indian television needs to have some different kinds of shows. Nowadays all shows end up looking the same. I would like to act in a sports based fiction show.
    I have in mind a cricket based reality show. I see so much of raw talent in the streets. We need to find them and give them a chance to prove themselves. Often talent gets wasted and goes unnoticed. These talented budding cricketers just don't get the opportunities to prove themselves. So we may groom these budding talents through a reality show.

    Of all the sports channels which sports channel is your favourite and why?
    Star Cricket since it shows a lot of cricket.

    Would you like to be a cricket coach in future? Or would you like to concentrate on acting?
    I just have acting in mind as of now. My 17-year-old son Karan is a budding cricketer who I coach. However as of now I don't wish to coach anyone else. I have been acting for 12 years so acting is in my blood now. I will give 150% to the show I take up.

    What historical character would you like to play given the opportunity?
    I would not like to play a historical character as I don't want to play a king wearing a crown, royal robes and carrying a sword.

    What about the Indian TV industry would you like to change?
    That is for the production house heads and channel honchos to answer.

    You have been very brave to check into a rehab to treat alcoholism. Most people are in complete denial of their problem and refuse treatment. Also very sadly there is a stigma in India as far as going to rehab is considered so people would stay with the problem instead of going to a rehab. What is your message for those suffering from alcoholism?
    Eighty percent of the problem is solved when you acknowledge that you have a problem and want to get treated for it. It is all up to you.

    Are you completely cured now?
    Yes I am. Even if someone has a whole bottle of alcohol in front of me I will be happy sipping just tea. I have been through the worst and have come out of it. I am just allergic to alcohol and can't have it anymore. The same was scientifically proven at the rehab; that I was having alcohol despite being allergic to it. It is just like having egg when you are allergic to it. I came out of rehab in May this year.



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