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    Default We agree to disagree upon everything: Laughs Rajev and Rakesh Paul

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    Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet.

    -Vietnamese Proverb

    Born within a span of a year, TV stars Rajev Paul and Rakesh Paul are very close and just canít do without one another.

    In a candid conversation with us, the siblings go on an emotional trip down memory lane sharing fond childhood memories, what are the similarities and dissimilarities in them, their meeting at the Bigg Boss house and many other interesting aspects about their inseparable brotherly bond.

    Which is the foremost memory you have of your brother?

    Rakesh: When he was born, he came and slapped me the first time he saw me. Obviously, that isnít my first memory of him as I was still a newborn. I heard the same from people who were witness to this incident.

    Rajev: My foremost memory was of me as a two year old, lovingly feeling my brother who was just a year old.

    What are the similarities and dissimilarities in both of you?

    Rakesh: We are both differently good looking boys but very talkative. He is on the more serious talkative note whereas I am on the more nonsensical talkative note.

    Rajev: We are both very attached to our families. We dote upon our sister Rakhiís son Ojasya and Rakeshís daughter Rohani. Both of us have similar tastes, love pets and have a passion for horses. We are different in the sense that he hates reading whereas I love it. Both of us like to write- his writings are funny whereas mine are of a serious kind.

    What do both of you agree and disagree upon?

    Rakesh: I agree on everything that I say. He disagrees on everything I say.

    Rajev: We agree to disagree upon everything. His initial response to whatever I say is Ďnoí. He will do what I tell him to do only after I have told him 100 times.

    What is your favourite childhood memory of each other?

    Rakesh: He would always be my father when I was in school except for me bullying his friends. He fathers me now too which sometimes irritates me.

    Rajev: I was five whereas he was four years old. We were very protective of one another. Somebody had hurt me. Rakesh told the boy who had hit me that he would break his teeth if he hit me again.

    To Rakesh: What is your opinion on how Rajev conducted himself on Bigg Boss?

    Rakesh: Superb, honest and himself. He was to the point and sometimes emotionally over the top. That is actually him; he wasnít the least bit pretentious. I am happy with whatever he did.

    To Rajev: Do you have anything to add to that?

    Rajev: I perfectly agree with him. For once, we both are on the same page.

    After all he knows me for a lifetime. All of you have just seen the edited version which was squeezed into an hour out of the twenty four hours in a day.

    To Rakesh: Rajev told us that he doesnít want to get remarried when he visited our office a month ago. Do you think that he should move on with his life?

    Rakesh: I want him to take his time on whatever decision he arrives at. I donít want him to decide on the spur of the moment. I donít want him to decide when he is too happy or sad. I will be with him with whatever decision he takes.

    To Rajev: What is your response?

    Rajev: Rakesh is sounding like my dad now. I am currently single. My friends do introduce me to people who can become my friends some of whom are girls. I am not averse to getting into a relationship but I am not in a rush to do so either. I will take life as it comes. Everything will happen when it is meant to happen.

    To Rakesh: Though younger, you were behaving like an elder brother when you visited the Bigg Boss house. Why?

    Rakesh: Probably, I just had to do that since I had to take a stand then. Otherwise, I donít speak about my personal life in front of anyone. I like to keep my personal life really personal. However, then there were certain things happening which werenít correct and he wasnít aware of. I just needed to make him aware of what was happening behind his back inside the house. I had to stand up for him which I had done and will always do.

    To Rajev: Do you agree with him?

    Rajev: I agree that he behaved like an authoritative elder brother when he met me inside the Bigg Boss house. While recalling that incident later, I was reminded of my favourite show Prison Break in which the younger brother visits his elder brother who has been imprisoned for killing the Presidentís brother (a crime which he has been falsely charged with). I was in a way like a prisoner in that house. Everyone praised him of how he had conducted himself when he met me.

    To Rakesh: You got very emotional when you met him and even criedÖ

    Rakesh: I am a very emotional person and am very attached to Rajev. We have a difference of just a year and have grown up together. In fact, we have been together throughout. This was the first time that I was away from my brother for more than two months. I am a very emotional guy who can start crying at the drop of a hat.

    To Rajev: How did you feel when you met your brother at the Bigg Boss house?

    Rajev: I had been away from my family for two and a half months. I was very happy to meet him. I was also quite shocked that Delnaz, whom I loved so much was speaking ill of me behind my back. I got emotional and that is why I was moved to tears.

    To Rakesh: You generally donít behave like an elder brother to Rajev, do you?

    Rakesh: Why should I when I am younger to him? I am generally the spoilt brat. He is always the one who controls me. When I visited him in the Bigg Boss house however, I had to behave like an elder brother.

    To Rajev: What do you have to say?

    Rajev: My brother is correct.

    What is the most expensive thing that you have gifted to your brother?

    Rakesh: Myself, I am really expensive. I am not cheap yaar.

    Rajev: We donít share a materialistic relationship. So, itís irrelevant to me as to how highly priced my gift to my brother was. We have a joint account and never measure our brotherly bond in financial terms. What is most important that we always there for one another.

    What is the happiest memory you have of your brother?

    Rakesh: All the moments we have shared are of a happier note. In recent times when I got out of the Bigg Boss house and met him; hugging him after a long time was the happiest moment.

    Rajev: There are so many of them that I canít pinpoint just one. Nevertheless, if you ask me to single out one memory, I would say that playing together with our friends after coming back from school are endearing moments.

    In one word Ďbrotherhoodí is?

    Rakesh: Us, me and Rajev.

    Rajev: Paulhood.



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