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    Default What would actors like to see on TV in the future: a wish list

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    Television is a medium that delivers you all the possible news from all across the globe and educate and enlighten the masses.

    In the last decade, the Indian television industry has grown in leaps and bounds. Its impact has touched greater heights influencing hearts and minds of millions all across the country and the world.

    Currently, television caters to all types of shows from family drama to romantic to comedy to action-based shows and also serials made on social issues.

    But somehow there are talks of the content being not progressive and lots can be still done at the programming front.

    In our inquisitiveness, we called up a few TV actors and asked them of their views on the kind of shows they would like to watch on the small screen in the coming years.

    Here is what they had to say…

    Ragini Khanna: Other than the same old family drama served in a new plate, television should come up with some realistic shows. Nowadays conceptualization is very limited. Tell me why are the protagonists known as bichaara and bichari? They should focus more on grey areas in the family sphere. I also think they should come out with biopics based on the lives of some important personalities. This will give viewers something different to watch other than the same monotonous serials.

    Manish Raisinghani: There should be more of unconventional shows. I believe all the actors are craving to do something different now. We always complain that audience wants to watch the same stuff all over again but that’s not true. It should be amalgamated differently. I would love to see more of dance and children-based shows. We should make shows that should prove educative.

    Suhasi Dhami: I believe viewers want to watch reality shows and not the ghisa-pita (same) saas bahu drama. Television should come up with more of comedy series that have subtle humour like Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai. We should make shows that are watchable with the entire family. We, as an audience, watch movies like A Wednesday

    Neil Bhatt: Television should move more towards realism; widen the horizon and make shows on an International level. We always come across this verdict that viewers in rural areas want to watch shows that have domestic stuff. Here, my question is why not make such shows which educate masses and enlighten them? Sometimes because of financial constraints, one cannot make a show as envisaged. Hence the show flops. And the worst part is most of the time one copies a character from a Bollywood film; does it make sense if you copy a character? Here, I would like to say that there should be shows made on someone’s life (biopic); such serials that would be near to truth/reality would be delightful as well.

    Aakanksha Singh: Firstly, I don’t believe in saas bahu soaps. I like watching shows which are natural and not rigged and planned. I miss the shows which I watched in my childhood like Shriman Shrimati and Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai. I want such kind of shows back on television with subtle light-hearted hilarity.

    Arjun Bijlani: The story should be beyond than kitchen and family drama. Today, women are very strong but on television why they are shown very gloomy? I want to watch some futuristic kind of shows on television. Like what will be the lifestyle of people after 10 to 20 years, I would prefer shows like Grey’s Anatomy. In these kinds of serials, nothing is made up and you feel like watching them every day. As there is something called responsible journalism; responsible politics, then there should be also something called responsible television.



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