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    Default Buck Rogers In The 25th Century [1979][DVD5][NTSC][ENG]

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    ORIGINAL TITLE Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (TV)
    YEAR 1979
    DURATION 89 min.
    Country United States
    DIRECTOR Daniel Haller
    Glen A. WRITER Larson, Leslie Stevens (Characters: Philip Francis Nowlan)
    MUSIC Stu Phillips
    Frank Beascoechea PHOTOGRAPHY
    CAST Gil Gerard Pamela Hensley Erin Gray Henry Silva Tim O Connor
    Bruce Lansbury Productions PRODUCER / Glen A. Larson Productions / Universal Pictures
    GENRE Science Fiction. Aventuras. Fantastico | Space Adventure. Time Travel
    SYNOPSIS: In 1987, NASA sent the spacecraft into deep space Ranger III trial. For a meteor shower, the spacecraft's orbit deviates from planned and was adrift for five hundred years. Its sole occupant, Captain William Buck Rogers, is found in suspended animation by a ship Draconian Empire, in the year 2491. Once thawed, the confused Buck learns that the Draconians, a warlike people, planning a surprise attack and invasion of Earth. Buck Ranger III escapes and comes to our futuristic world, where he is greeted with suspicion by the authorities as a spy suspect Draconian Empire. But as the world adapts to XXV century, is gaining friends who listen to his warnings, just when the spacecraft is orbiting the planet Draconia Earth.

    Audio: English 2.0
     Subtitles: Spanish Latin - English - French
     Menu: Yes
     Extras: No
     Video Standard: NTSC
     Discs: 10
     Episodes: 32 Chapters
     Appearance: Fullscreen

    DVD 01
    DVD 02
    DVD 03
    DVD 04
    DVD 05
    DVD 06
    DVD 07
    DVD 08
    DVD 09
    DVD 10
    Pass: pomposos



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