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    Default Veebha Anand joins Smita Bansal in Big Magic's Akbar Birbal

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    Big Magicís rib-tickler show Akbar Birbal produced by Sagar Pictures is gearing up to air a special episode in the coming days.

    We have already reported about Kunika Sadanand joining the cast of the above show as Akbarís mother-in-law (permanent character).

    Now, we have learnt that charming Veebha Anand of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan will also be seen playing an important role in Akbar Birbal. It will be a special appearance.

    According to our sources, the story will hit the flashback note showing Akbarís life 15 years back.

    Back in time, he lost memory and forgot about him being already married and having a child.

    This is when, as per media reports, Smita Bansal will enter the scenario.
    She will return in Akbarís life to confront him. Veebha will play Smitaís daughter in the plot. Both Veebha and Smita will make an exit from the show with the track ending.

    We called Veebha and she said, ďItís a special episode and I have already started shooting for it.Ē

    Smita remained unavailable.

    The particular episode will air from 17 November.



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