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    Default Thakur Anoop Singh in Big Magic's Akbar Birbal

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    Gear up to see an interesting celebrity based episode on Akbar Birbal (Sagar Pictures) on Big Magic. Coming in will be the good looking Thakur Anoop Singh famously known for his role as Dhrithrashtra in Mahabharat.

    The actor will be seen playing King Sharafat Khan who will come to Akbar’s (Kiku Sharda) darbar to take part in the auction of Kohinoor diamond. He will be a go getter and play all his tricks to get the precious diamond for himself.

    We spoke to Anoop who shared, “It is a very strong character and performance oriented. It is also the first time I will try my hand in comedy. Kiku and Vishal Kotian who plays Birbal were superb costars and I really had a great time shooting with them. we really got along like a house on fire.”

    The actor recently did a cameo in CID, and thus we asked him whether he is enjoying his stint in such roles, “The channel approached me for the role and were very keen on getting me on board. Since it was written in my context I couldn’t say no.”

    Anoop will once again be showing off his great physique in the episode as he added, “They wanted me to get into my best shape and thus I trained with my friend and trainer Rohit Shetty (not the director). It will be a must watch episode and I am sure viewers will surely enjoy it.”

    Anoop will be seen in the show in two part episodes from tomorrow (30 October).



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