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    Default Puppet artist to bring twist in the tale of Akbar Birbal!

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    An interesting twist is coming up in Big Magic's Akbar Birbal...

    Big Magic's popular comedy historical show Akbar Birbal, is winning hearts of the viewers with its comical acts and performance of the star cast.

    We earlier reported about a sand artist appearing on the show and predicting Akbar's (Kiku Sharda) future, following many twists on the show. Now, the makers have brought in the puppet artist, who's entry will add more twist in the tale.

    Our source says, "Akbar will be seen very stressed out due to lot of work and because of that he will not be able to concentrate on his other work. Thus, his friend Suleman will come up with an idea to cheer Akbar by arranging a puppet show at Palace. The puppet artist who will come in the kingdom will be famous for showing puppet fight dance show. Everyone will enjoy the show except Akbar because he will be still stressed. So the puppet artist will suggest Akbar to wear fighter suit and become the puppet as he will enjoy doing that. Everyone in the kingdom will also encourage Akbar to do so and he will agree for the same."

    "Later, everyone will be excited to see their king dancing and fighting like a puppet but at the end of the show everyone will be shocked as they will realize that man behind the costume is not Akbar. The entire kingdom will get worried and start searching for Akbar but will find him nowhere. Birbal (Vishal Kotian) and Mullah (Anoop Singh Thakur) will use their wittiness and solve the mystery," adds the source.

    It will be interesting to see what the mystery is!



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