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    Default The mystery behind Salim's Murder!

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    Get ready for a mysterious and secretive episode with Big Magic's historical comedy Har Mushkil Ka Hal Akbar Birbal.

    Witness the entire kingdom in an episode filled with skepticism and laughter.

    Watch the witty Birbal and Mulla Do Piyaza solve the mystery behind Salim's murder this Thursday 12th and Friday 13th February, at 9 pm only on Big Magic!

    Emperor Akbar is delighted to see his late cousin's children Hasan Jamaal and Tarannum Jamaal. The siblings are a living example of the ideal children any parent would want. On the other hand, Salim entertains the kingdom with an extraordinary painter, Jameel whose specialty is to paint with fire. Impressed with the uniqueness of talent, everyone is eager to witness it in person.

    As Jameel puts his skills to test, the kingdom is lit on fire and everything around becomes chaotic. As the fire declines, the people notice a dead body and assume it is Salim. Salim was the heir to Akbars's throne, now that he is dead; the Emperor has to choose a new heir to replace him. Akbar is very keen on giving the title to Hasan Jamaal, when the mystery takes a further twist.

    Will the witty duo Birbal and Mulla Do Piyaza discover the truth?



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