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    Default Big Magic's Akbar Birbal hits a century!

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    Big Magic's Akbar Birbal completed 100 episodes yesterday; celebrated the special day with cake cutting.

    Big Magic's Akbar Birbal is doing exceptionally well for the channel. The show has been getting highest TRPs since a very long time. Well, it's a special day for the entire cast and crew of Akbar Birbal as the show has completed its 100 yesterday.

    The cast and crew celebrated this special day by cutting a cake on the sets.

    We got in touch with Kiku Sharda who essays the role of Akbar and he shares his happiness saying, "The entire experience doing the show has been very good and I think I have a fantastic team. I really owe this to all the guys in team with me apart from me putting in a lot of hard work because I do two other shows apart from this. The producers have been extremely supportive and a fantastic director. We have this bunch of actors who are seasoned actors and some of them are new. The newbie are also very talented and are doing a fabulous job. It is the team episode that brought us to 100 episodes. I am sure we will go far and the show on Big Magic is doing very well."

    When we asked Kiku about the support that his fans have given, he says, "The last one year has been very good to me in terms of work space and characters I play. It is because of the fans that I have become so popular. They love me for whatever I do. Earlier people used to ask me that Palak will be very feminine and people will tag me as a woman everywhere but that do not really happen. Today Lachcha is also a popular character. Akbar Birbal is altogether a different show where I am playing Akbar with one big thick mustache and contrary to Palak's character. I think I have tried to prove my versatility to some extent and fans love all the work that I am doing. I stand today where I stand is because of them and I am very grateful about that."

    When contacted Kishwer Merchantt, she says, "The experience has been superb. The cast and crew are wonderful and we are like a family now; so friendly and always laughing and joking around on the set. It really feels good to work with such brilliant actors like Kiku Sharda, Vishal Kotian, Delnaaz Irani, Sumit, Pawan, Frazil, Yashkant and Sunil. My character of Urvashi is popular and has received appreciation and that all thanks to Vishal who helps me improvise on the set. Its been on position 1 constantly from the time we went on air so I feel happy and blessed. For my fans, I would like to thank them for watching us, liking us and appreciating each and every character. Love u all"

    We congratulate the entire team of Akbar Birbal!



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