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    Default Kishwer Merchantt quits Big Magic's Akbar Birbal

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    Big Magic’s Akbar Birbal which is now been taken over by Triangle Films recently had one of the important characters walking out of the project.

    Yes, and that actor is Kishwer Merchantt who was seen playing the role of Urvashi.

    So what was the reason behind the sudden exit?

    To get the clear picture we buzzed Kishwer who shared, “Well, after being part of the project for more than a year there are of course few expectations that actor has. I was not happy with the money hike which I was been offered, hence I made a decision to walk out of the project. I believe when things don’t work out its better you let go.”

    Have you got any call from production house later? “Not yet.”

    So what are your plans now? “I am happy doing Itna Na Karo and Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan if anything exciting comes my way, I will surely pick it up.”

    All the best girl!



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