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    Default Birbal's roller coaster ride to solve a murder mystery in BIG MAGIC's Akbar Birbal

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    BIG MAGIC’s Har Mushkil Ka Hal Akbar Birbal has an episode full of mystery for fans this week! With a serious blame against the mighty Akbar and his son Salim, viewers get to witness a suspense filled with a dash of comedy this Wednesday, 10 September at 9:00 PM on BIG MAGIC!

    As the episode unfolds, a woman blames the Emperor and his heir for a charge that leaves everyone aghast! Birbal starts his investigation and enters the Shastraghar solve the case. To investigate thoroughly, Birbal scrutinizes each and every bow including that of Akbar and Salim. While checking the Shahi Teer, Birbal finds a clue. What was this heinous crime committed? Will the clever minister be able to save his master this time from the allegations or will the innocent be proved guilty?

    Featuring some of the best in comedy and television entertainment, Har Mushkil Ka Hal – Akbar Birbal is a fresh, comic take on the much-loved childhood folktales. The first in the genre of Historical Comedy, Akbar Birbal has captured the audience’s imagination with its delightful storyline and stellar cast featuring Kiku Sharda, Delnaaz Irani, Vishal Kotian and Kishwer Merchantt. Aired on BIG MAGIC at 9pm, the show has received a lot of adulation from fans and critics alike. Over social media, there has been an outpouring of praise for the well-crafted script, the actors’ quick comic timing and their unique chemistry.

    Be a part of the murder mystery with Har Muskhil Ka Hal – Akbar Birbal at 9:00 PM. Wednesday, 10 September only on India’s one stop destination for Humour – BIG MAGIC.



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