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    Default Akbar Birbal - Funny take with moral lessons!

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    The comic version of the Akbar Birbal stories on Big Magic is interesting to watch but needs a bit of fine tuning.

    Akbar Birbal

    Mon to Fri at 9 pm on Big Magic

    Producer - Meenakshi Sagar, Sagar Pictures

    Cast - Kiku Sharda, Delnaaz Irani, Vishal Kotian, Kishwer Merchant

    What's it about -

    Produced by Meenakshi Sagar of Sagar Pictures the show telecast on Big Magic is supposed to be a funny take on the popular historical series and is in fact supposed to be the first comic version too of the same. We see a fat Akbar played by popular comic actor Kiku Sharda while his Maharani is played by the cute Delnaaz Irani. Birbal is essayed by actor Vishal Kotian and the Rajnartaki Urvashi is played by Kishwer Merchantt.

    All the stories in this series too narrate the oft heard stories of Akbar Birbal in each episode with a moral lesson weaved into it. The only difference here being that the presentation has a funny tone to it but the humor doesn't mar the message to be put across.

    What works -

    The concept of making the iconic characters into a comical adaptation is a good one and the cast chosen for the same is apt too. Kiku as the loud mouthed Emperor Akbar and Delnaaz as his Maharani match each other with their acting skills. Vishal Kotian with his fit body in Birbal's character is an excellent choice for someone who has to look intelligent and witty at the same time. The characters are well etched out and gel with each other maybe because they have also worked together earlier and have been seen together in plays too.

    What does not work -

    The makers have tried to maintain a balance between making a show which has moral lessons while at the same time have a fun element but in doing so the episode sometimes comes across as being funny only in parts. The first episode had an introduction to Birbal's character but otherwise started off abruptly. A little bit of narration to the background would have added a fine foundation to the show. While the Sagars have been masters in producing historicals and mythologicals in the past, this show too which has a similar background needs a little bit of polishing when it comes to the production quality.

    Our take -

    The interesting, funny stories of Akbar and Birbal have enthralled all - kids and adults both over the years. While we have read these in comics and story books the same has also been telecast as serials earlier. Even now we have them running on as animated version on a kids channel so this funny version despite being different will be compared to the others.

    It is an interesting watch but the show which is at prime time is competing with the many dramas which rule the TV screens and to secure a place in the minds of the audience it needs to fine tune its presentation.



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