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    Default Meet Himani Shivpuri, the 'naani-saas' of Big Magic's Ajab Gajab Ghar Jamai

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    The versatile actress Himani Shivpuri is all set to grace the small screen yet again with her role in the latest offering by Big Magic, Ajab Gajab Ghar Jamai, a differently scripted show where Himani will be portraying the role of a matriarch ruling over the Shaktishaali household.

    After being in the limelight for over three decades, Himani is not new to the sitcoms. Her perfect timing, chemistry with her co-actors, strong pronunciation has made all of her characters memorable.

    About her new show Ajab Gajab Ghar Jamai, the lady said, “The concept is that the ladies of the house never go to their in-law’s house after marriage, but instead jamaais are brought into the sasural. This has been going on in our family for the past five generations.”

    So why is it so? “Well, 150 years back one of the daughters was set on fire by her in-laws post her marriage, and then the women folk of the Shaktishaali household took the oath of never sending out their daughters. So in order to keep them safe, they decide to get the sons-in-law home after marriage.”

    So what is her role in it? “I play the role Jagadamba Shaktishaali, the current matriarch/guardian of the family and our house is situated in Mathura. She is very dominant and makes sure that the oath is kept at any cost.”

    True to that, we would see her in a strong avatar where she would intimidate her husband, son-in-law and grand son-in-law with her rules and power. But problem will ensue when her fourth jamaai (played by Sunit Vats) will enter the home. All the madness he will create and how naaniji will respond to all will make for a hilarious plot.

    Talking about the unusual ‘aathwa phera’ taken in this show, she laughed, “Well that is all a part of the concept. Eighth phera is where the names of the grooms are changed, wherein the boy is made to take the oath of being humble and simple in his sasural’s aangan.”

    Elaborating more on the genre of the show, the lady averred, “Ajab Gajab will be a mixture of comedy and drama. It is not just for entertainment but there will be something to learn in every episode.”

    All the best, Himani!!



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